Climate Change Summit
Climate change which is caused substantially by the emission of Greenhouse gases into the atmosphere has indeed become one of the most threatening contemporary environmental issues across the globe. This event is marked between March and April every year.

School Advocacy Programme
The School advocacy programme was established with the resolve towards developing the psyche of our youths to effective environmental management, and guided by the fact that attitude is germane to the success of the campaign against climate change. It holds in May every year.

World Environment Day
The World Environment Day is celebrated on 5th June every year to draw world’s attention to the urgent need to save our environment. As it is the practice, the Lagos State Government joined the rest of the world to celebrate the event annually.

Tree Planting Day
You may recall that in February 2009, the Tree Planting Unit was created to manage and maintain the Tree population State-wide, as a way of responding to the urgent need to mitigate the harmful effect of global warming, resulting in climate change. In carrying out its functions, the Tree Planting unit activities include; Ceremonial Tree Planting, Continuous Tree Planting Campaign, Private Sector Participation (PSP) Monitoring and Maintenance, Me and My Tree Programme, Fight against Desert Encroachment(FADE) and Regular in- Staff Development. This is marked in July every year.

Walk for Nature
We cannot overemphasize the importance of walking, as a natural exercise, to man’s health and the environment. When we walk more, we stay close to nature; reduce vehicular emissions which contribute to global warming, as more vehicles will be off the roads. Lagos State holds this event betwee
n October and November every year.

World Toilet Day
Holds Annually on 19th November