Weather Forecost For November 11th – November 18th, 2014 by Olaimolu S.O (Mrs), Senior Meteorologist

•The week is expected to be warm in temperature with cases of scattered rainfall in the State.
•Maximum temperature expected all through this week is 30oC while the Minimum temperature of 24oC is expected.
•The trade wind over the country is Westerly (i.e. moisture laden winds from Pacific Ocean), hence cool moist air is blowing over the country.
•Drains around homes and public places should be well maintained to allow easy flow of storm waters, this will prevent flooding and the breeding of mosquitoes (malaria causing parasite).
•Health service sector should strengthen her contingency against cases of joint pains, headaches, rheumatism, catarrh, pneumonia,
asthma and other respiratory/ circulating related illnesses which will be rampant during this season especially in older citizen.
•The construction/ cleaning of drainages in flood prone areas within the state should continue.
•Construction companies should expect better weather condition this week hence major works should be done on Tuesday and Wednesday.
•Famers should make good use of the normal rainfall to plant crops like Maize which could be harvested twice a year.
•Proper care of livestock and other farm products should be ensured, it is important that adequate water is provided for poultry birds to combat the hot temperature expected this week.
•please note that fishing and other activities on water bodies will be affected due to rise in water level therefore fisher men, divers, commercial boat riders and there passengers should be safety conscious to prevent water accident!
•All residents within water catchments should be advised to immediately commence relocation / evacuation to safer grounds due to rise in water level. Therefore all agencies, the emergency agency, the traffic agency, road repair, Power Holding Authority, and all related bodies should put in place measures to reduce accidents that may occur due to flooding within and around the State.