…….. Holds 2 days virtual Pre- Climate Change workshop.

The Lagos State Government on Tuesday affirmed that it will continue to prioritise mitigation and adaptation initiatives on climate change for all projects.

Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Tunji Bello who stated this during a pre- Climate Change virtual workshop the state has been greatly impacted by climate change with varying climatic hazards.

He said these have been possible because of the state’s unique characteristics in terms of geographic location and features.

He recalled that the State Government had institutionalized Climate Change Summit as the principal vehicle for disseminating Climate Change information but due to some policy shift in the past, the programme stagnated.

He said that the resuscitation of the summit has now been made possible under the visionary leadership of Mr. Governor, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu who envisions its importance in sustaining the leadership position of the State in climate action.

He disclosed that Lagos is on course to delivering her Climate Action Plan in a few months as the document is currently being reviewed by C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and their technical partners.

“Globally, cities have made pledges to ensure that global temperatures do not increase beyond 2º Celsius and, in a bid, to fulfil these pledges, it is now imperative for cities to develop Climate Action Plans which will help chart the city’s course towards decarbonization” he said.

He revealed that the theme for the virtual summit ‘Harnessing the Power of Lagos State for Climate Change and Sustainable Financing’ gives room to begin to think about how the crucial elements required to implement climate actions can be fostered across various sectors and how to attain sustainable financing as a State in funding some the initiatives that are in the pipeline.


He stated that Government cannot deny the fact that the population, topography and geography of the state makes it very vulnerable to the adverse effect of climate change saying that with the right mitigation and adaptation actions, the State would become resilient to these climatic hazards and impacts.

Bello said that protecting the environment should be a collective responsibility of all sectors of the economy as the State journey to become a low carbon economy and harness the opportunities provided by climate change.

He however noted that safeguarding the environment is a collective responsibility of both the citizens and the government.

Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi speaking on the effect of Covid-19 and climate change said there has been an increase in human population all over the world which has affected the Environment and the movement of pathogens from their natural hoststo human.

He said deforestation and continuous damaging of the nature through pollution of the air and toxicity of freshwater has forced the animals to move closer to human habitation thereby making human more vulnerable to the various pathogens.

He urged everyone to desist from actions that could damage the Environment and loss of biodiversity as human can only be as healthy as the Environment they live in.

Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Mrs. Belinda Odeneye said the 2-day Pre-summit virtual workshop is to bring again to the front burner the matters of Climate change as an integral component of economic growth and environmental recovery plan.

She said the importance of laying bare climate change issues for our active participation cannot be over emphasized as the State over year has played host to important personalities and stakeholders locally and internationally through the institutionalized annual Climate Change Summit which was a principal tool for disseminating and managing Climate Change information in the State and the country at large.

She noted that the T.H.E.M.E.S Agenda of the present administration has intrinsically tied in the SDGs / LSDP and resilience strategy in addressing the global problem with local solution adding that the geographical location and topography of our dear State leaves us with no option than to act urgently.



Kunle Adeshina
Director (Public Affairs)
April 27, 2021