…Warns against clogging of tertiary drains

Lagos State Government on Friday charged residents to compliment her year round cleaning of all primary and secondary channels by also cleaning tertiary drains that run across residences regularly.

In a statement by the State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, he stated that the State Government is always ensuring the cleaning, clearing and dredging of all major collectors to ensure that they all discharge properly.

Speaking against the background of the heavy rainfall experienced in Lagos on Friday, he said a change of attitude is desired from the residents to prevent flash flooding.

He added that the non-chalant attitude of some residents in this regard is causing some drawbacks for the successes recorded by the State Government in flood control.

He said regrettably, even commercial concerns and companies are also guilty of not cleaning their drains but would rather leave them, waiting for the Government to undertake the task.

He added that investigations by officials of the Ministry round the state after Friday’s rainfall revealed that flash flood occurred as most tertiary drains were blocked with refuse thus spewing water onto the roads.

Tunji Bello said the people should realise that it portents great danger when tertiary drains are littered with refuse as this could bring about unexpected destruction and fatalities.

He used the opportunity to also remind local councils areas that they must step up enforcement of infractions as it concerns tertiary drains that are not cleaned.

He added that part of what could be done is to increase the number of environmental health officers to monitor the drains on a regular basis.

He gave an assurance that many hours after each torrential rainfall, the water disappears because of the improved state of the drains round the state.

Kunle Adeshina
Director (Public Affairs)
June 4, 2021