………trains Lagos Health officers on WASHNORM, and applicable barriers.


In compliance with the National Youth Volunteer Programme on Handwashing and Clean Nigeria Use the Toilet Campaign, the Lagos State Government on Thursday flagged off the training of Youth Volunteers on Handwashing for Covid 19 interventions in the State.

Speaking at the training programme, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Mrs. Belinda Odeneye said the youth volounteer programme would help protect and maintain health security and curtail the spread of deadly infectious and communicable diseases.

She said the volunteer programme was in compliance with Federal Government’s “Clean Nigeria: Use the Toilet Campaign”, adding that participants will be chosen from the 20 Local Government across the state and will be expected to project the adoption of safe WASH practices for Covid 19 prevention.

The Permanent Secretary who spoke through the Director, Sanitation Services, Office of Environmental Services, Dr. Hassan Sanuth said the Youth Volounteer Programme is one of the interventions of Government to curb the Covid 19 pandemic and it is designed to engage youth at the grassroot while creating awareness and sensitisation on safe water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

Odeneye said that with the earlier flag off of “CLEAN LAGOS: USE THE TOILET CAMPAIGN” efforts have been put in place to ensure that all public places including schools, hotels, fuel stations, places of worship, market places, hospitals and offices have accessible clean water, and toilets within their premises for public use.

She said the volunteers at the community level will be trained on communicating and demostrating good sanitation and hygiene practice that can help contain the spread of the corona virus and curtail the practice of open defecation in the state.

“The youth will in turn be expected to engage household, community and institutional levels to pass on the message of effective handwashing as well as accelerate efforts to end Open defecation.

Also speaking at the flag off, the Representative of the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Water Resources, Mrs Oluyemisi Akpa congratulated Lagos State on the Flag off adding that the National Youth Volunteer programme was borne out of the Clean Nigeria : Use the Toilet Campaign launched in 2019 and was aimed to mobilze high level political support , resources as well as the entire populace towards building a new culture of safe sanitation.

Participants at the flag off ceremony include Directors of the Federal and State Ministry of Environment and Selected Environmental Sanitation Officers from various Local Government, who were trained during the flag off on effective WASH steps at critical times, faeco-oral route of decease transmission and applicable barriers.

The officers will in turn train the youth volounteers who will ensure diffusion of the message s to the least person in the community.

Kunle Adeshina
Director (Public Affairs)
June 24, 2021