The Monitoring, Enforcement and Compliance Department of this Ministry is saddled with the responsibility of carrying out daily monitoring of the state of the Environment. The monitoring activities result in the generation and compilation of information, data and pictorial representations of nuisances observed across the State. The Department is also charged with the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of Environmental Regulations, Laws and Standards in the State and has no doubt continued to discharge this very crucial task with the resultant effect evident in the improvement in the state of the environment.
The enforcement of compliance with the provision of environmental regulations and standards has over the years become a veritable tool in ensuring the protection of the state of the environment and safeguarding public health. In carrying out this very vital responsibility, the Monitoring, Enforcement and Compliance Department of this Ministry is commissioned to carry out activities such as dislodgements, demolitions/ removal of shanties and illegal structures to enhance the quality of the environment.
The Department is fully on board assessing the level of environmental compliance by individuals, residential premises, commercial premises, corporate bodies, multinational organizations and the general public. She also plays the role of mediators between aggrieved parties on environmental issues. She is in fact the police of the Ministry of the environment.



i. Daily Monitoring of State of the Environment
ii. Investigation of Public Complaints on Environmental Nuisances
iii. Issuance of Abatement of Nuisances Notice to defaulters
iv. Advocacy on environmental compliance and sustainability
v. Issuance of Sanitation Alarm / Environmental Alert to Government Agencies / Public Institutions;
i. Immediate sanctioning of defaulters where nuisance poses grave danger to public health.
ii. Assessment of level of compliance by defaulters after issuance of Abatement of Nuisance Notice and after Enforcement operations.
i. Issuance of “Final” Abatement of Nuisance Notice to defaulters in the event of non-compliance before enforcement operation
ii. Relating with Court/ Obtaining Court Summons for Prosecution;
iii. ensuring that certain defaulters are prosecuted;
iv. Collation of Weekly / Monthly Compliance Reports with pictorial representations.
v. Obtain Court Summons for Prosecution and Court Orders for Enforcement
vi. Execution of Enforcement Operations such as dislodgements, removal, demolition / separation, arrest, seal-up and any other form deemed fit with the ambit of the State /National Environmental Law / Regulations.
vii. Advocacy on environmental compliance and sustainability;
viii. Impact assessment and evaluation of projects of other departments