The mandate of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency (LASPARK) is to make Lagos greener and healthier through the creation and maintenance of functional and operational parks and gardens, planting and maintenance of trees.

LASPARK was established to take over the assignment of the greening initiative of the State Government from the Conservation and Ecology Department of the Ministry of the Environment (Office of the Environmental Services) by the enactment of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency Law No. 13, 2011 and took off July 2012.

The Agency in its few years of existence has further consolidated on the huge achievements of the Ministry of the Environment with the establishment of more gardens and parks. Till date 327 parks and gardens have been captured by the Agency and maintained statewide. Out of which 212 were established by the state government, 85 by private concerns and 31 established in schools

Over 6,203,553 trees have been planted since 2008.

Total number of plants propagated till date is 201,404.

Total nos. of trees pruned till date:  35009.

Total  nos. of trees felled till date:  2704.

Total nos. of people that have visited the park:  288,681

Approximately 96,484 jobs have been created through various chains of businesses including florists, landscape architects,      welders, electricians, labourers etc.

The Agency is a parastatal of the Ministry of the Environment with;


Staff Strength:

Permanent staff = 76

Operatives and local security personnel = 148

Goals and Objectives

  1.  Restore the lost glory of Lagos as a beautiful State.
  2. Enhance Law and order.
  3.  Enhance the security of highways and open spaces.
  4. Mitigate the effect of Climate Change and ensure Environmental Sustainability.
  5.  Healthier and a more Visual pleasing Lagos as African Model Megacity.
  6.  Reclaiming open spaces from all Agents of Environmental degradation.
  7. Enhancing Environmental Biodiversity.
  1. Job Creation and thereby reducing poverty.
  2. 9. Generally accessing the wide range of benefits of Urban Greening projectsGreening Provides:

    [i] Environmental Benefits

    [ii] Social Benefits

    [iii] Economic Benefits

    [iv] Health and Well-being



    Our Vision

    A Greener, Healthier Lagos


    Our Mission

    To create a beautiful, safe and healthy State through the establishment of

    Functional parks, gardens and recreational centres in line with international Standards and best practices.


    Our Core Values


    CommitmentTeam work

    Environmental Friendliness & Partnership


    The Agency is anchored on the following Programmes and Support Services:

    1.Tree Planting and Maintenance

    2.Beautification, Research and Development

    3.Monitoring, Enforcement and Compliance

    4.Finance and Administration.

    Professionals/Core Departments

    Tree planting

    Tree Maintenance

    Monitoring, Enforcement and Compliance

    Beatification and DesignHorticultural, Research and Development

    Administration/Human Resources