The Lagos State Environmental Sanitation/KAI was established with the following objectives:

  1. General Cleanliness: Ensure the overall cleanliness of the environment in the state.
  2. Public Education: Educate the entire populace of the state on matters related to environmental sanitation.
  3. Illegal Structures: Prevent the erection of illegal structures on walkways, drains, pathways, road verges, medians, and pedestrian bridges in the state.
  4. Street Vending: Prevent the selling and cooking of food on roads or sidewalks.
  5. Roadside Auto Mechanics: Prevent auto mechanics from operating on roadsides.
  6. Promotion of Clean Habits: Ensure that the general habit of environmental cleanliness is maintained and sustained.
  7. Evacuation of Miscreants: Inform the appropriate authorities when the need arises to evacuate miscreants and mentally deranged individuals.
  8. Reporting of Incidents: Promptly report information on dead bodies to the officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Health or any of the State’s Local Government Areas.
  9. Law Enforcement: Arrest any person who commits any offence under the New Environmental Sanitation Law, 2017.
  10. Support Public Utilities Levy Compliance: Assist the Public Utilities Monitoring Assurance Unit (PUMAU) by ensuring that premises are compliant with the Public Utilities Levy.
  11. Waste Collection Compliance: Ensure that commercial premises possess a valid waste collection contract.
  12. Enforcement of Environmental Laws: Implement the enforcement of the provisions of the Law and the directives of the Honorable Commissioner in respect of the Law.

These objectives collectively aim to enhance public health, maintain environmental standards, and create a conducive living environment for the residents of Lagos State.