• We are Committed to a Clean Environment – LAWMA Boss

    …Appeals for waste containerization

    Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has reassured residents of a firm commitment to a clean environment despite the challenge of diesel scarcity, while also appealing to them to bag and containerize their waste.

    The Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, stated this on Friday while monitoring the environment, adding that efforts were being intensified, to clear any backlog of refuse, and to stop acts of indiscriminate waste disposal around the city.

    He said: “We have redoubled our efforts, working round the clock to ensure that we evacuate all waste anywhere around the city. Although the scarcity and high cost of diesel have been a major challenge, as all service providers’ trucks run on diesel, nonetheless, we are doing the needful and leaving no stone unturned, to maintain a clean environment and prevent health hazards to the people”.

    “Over preceding months, we have rolled out advocacy and media sensitization campaigns, to inform and educate residents on the importance of environmental cleanliness, particularly the act of waste containerization. We have also supported efforts of PSP operators, by providing backup services in areas that experienced service gaps, with the overall aim of eradicating black spots across the metropolis”.

    He appealed to residents to properly bag and containerize their waste to allow for more storage periods and prevent littering.

    According to him, “The resurgence of waste observed in some areas of the metropolis is borne out of the unforeseen diesel challenges the service providers are experiencing, and since tenements cannot keep waste in their houses, have resorted to bringing it to the highways, which isn’t proper.”

    “While we strongly reiterate the importance of waste containers at home, we passionately appeal and canvass for public cooperation, to combat a resurgence of waste on road medians, canals and other illegal spots.”

    “We are assuring Lagosians of our total commitment to rid the environment of dirt. As we work day and night to make this happen, we urge you to support our efforts because the cleanliness of the state is a collective responsibility”, he stressed.

    Odumboni noted further that despite the serious logistics challenges faced by PSP operators, as a result of the increase in the price of diesel, they had continued to provide services to tenements, adding that the Authority, in order to ensure effective turnaround time of waste collection trucks, had also ensured that landfills in the state are in proper shape.

    “Before now, we had carried out massive rehabilitation work across our various landfills, to improve the turnaround time of PSP trucks servicing tenements and commercial facilities in the state. This has improved the condition of the sites, paving way for seamless waste collection activities”, he stated.

    For inquiries and complaints about services of waste management-related issues in your area, please call LAWMA toll-free numbers: 07080601020 and 617.

    Kadiri Folashade (Mrs.)
    Director, Public Affairs


    …Joins 2022 World Environment Day celebrations

    Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-olu on Sunday stated that there is an urgent need for everyone to focus on the need to live sustainably with nature for the benefit of mankind.

    He made this known during the year 2022 World Environment Day finale held at the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Secretariat, Alausa, adding that it has become necessary for shifting to a greener lifestyle through both policies and individual choices .

    He added that sustainability of the environment are among the most pressing issues in the world today out of which the Earth faces triple planetary emergencies namely; Climate change, loss of biodiversity and Environmental Pollution.

    The Governor who was represented by the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Dr. Omolaji Gaji added that the impact of the aforementioned challenges have negatively made the achievements of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) less successful.

    It is pertinent to mention that this year’s theme “Only One Earth” was the slogan for the 1972 Stockholm Conference and 50 years on, this truth still holds as evidenced in the theme for World Environment Day 2022 being “ONLY ONE EARTH”.

    “With nature in emergency mode, the #OnlyOneEarth campaign for World Environment Day 2022, wants us to celebrate the planet through collective environmental action”, he said.

    He said the 1972 Stockholm Conference spurred the formation of environment Ministries around the world and kick-started a host of new global agreements to collectively protect the environment adding that it was also where the goals of poverty alleviation and environmental protection became linked, paving the way for the Sustainable Development Goals.

    He explained that around the world now, the planet is suffering a staggering rate of dramatic environmental change which is increasingly subjected to the negative effects of human population growth and the associated pollution problems.

    He added that Global environmental pollution has altered the earth’s natural system and is becoming an increasing concern for the well-being and survival of many species.

    Sanwo-Olu said time is running out and nature is in emergency mode, adding that without action, exposure to air pollution beyond safe guidelines will increase by 50 percent within the decade hence climate is heating up too quickly for people to survive and adapt to nature.

    He said it is important to note that no matter the economic status, everyone must be a part of Lagos State Development Agenda by getting involved adding, that it is an opportunity given to all to think about nature which offers supply, shelter and ecosystem restoration.

    He said Lagosians must admit the achievement of the State Government in the Greening and Restoration of Indigenous trees project towards curbing climate change effect and its efforts to end open defecation by 2025.

    According to him, while our individual consumption choices do make a difference, it is collective action that will create the transformative environmental change we need, so we can advance to a more sustainable and just Earth, where everyone can flourish.

    He urged everyone to be alive to their responsibilities on this issue of the environment and also to note that sustainable consumption, production drive economic development, mitigate climate change, environmental pollution would positively impact health and alleviate poverty.

    The Governor commended Corporate Organizations, Non-Governmental Institutions, Traditional Groups, Religious Groups and other notable bodies for ensuring that the persistent drive of the State’s policy towards entrusting legacy of greening and restoration of indigenous trees to the citizen is sustained.

    Earlier in address, Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello said the Government through Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources has implemented several programmes to mitigate these challenges through Tree planting, Climate change summit, Environmental bees clubs in schools, waste to wealth and ban on open defecation.

    Speaking through the Director of Sanitation Services Department, Dr. Hassan Sanuth, the PS said
    World Environment Day launched the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, to prevent, halt and reserve the degradation of ecosystem on every continent and in every ocean.

    He added that government keyed into this call in 2021 by commencing the greening of Abraham Adesanya set back, together with restoration of some historical plants in specific locations like Agege, Idi-Mangoro where Mango trees were planted, Idi-Agbon in Ifako-Ijaiye where coconut trees were planted and in Lagos Island where breadfruit trees were planted at St. Paul Anglican Primary School, Breadfruit Lagos as part of this year’s celebration.

    The guest lecturer, Dr. Ayo Tella while delivering his paper noted that Anthropogenic effects caused by human activities such as felling of trees have altered the earth’s natural systems and and survival of many species.

    Various categories of awards were presented to corporate organizations, Community Development Areas, and schools amongst others in recognition of contribution to sustainable environment

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director Public Affairs
    MOE &WR
    June 5, 2022


    2022 World Environment Day celebrations in Lagos kicked off on Thursday with planting of 10 historic breadfruit trees to ensure the sustenance of One planet earth.

    Speaking at the ceremony which took place at the St Paul’s Anglican Primary School, Breadfruit, Lagos, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Omobolaji Gaji said the task of regenerating the environment should not be left to the government alone.

    Highlighting the 2022 World Environment Day theme “Only One Earth” he said it is a campaign to ensure that the beautiful planet remains a comfortable home for humanity.

    He explained that this year’s celebration was a historic milestone for the global environmental community as it marks 50 years since the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, widely seen as the first international meeting on the environment.

    He said the World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated in different ways all over the world and these includes planting of trees, cleaning up local beaches, organizing meetings, joining online protests amongst others.

    He said part of the activities lined up for this year’s celebration by the Ministry includes planting of historical breadfruit trees, an Environmental Awareness Walk, a submition of a petition for the support of the Environment to Lagos House of Assembly with a climax of the 2022 celebrations on Sunday.

    He said individuals and civil society are pivotal advocates, adding that the more people raise their voices and emphasize on what needs to be done, the faster change will come.

    He added that the World Environment Day programme is globally embraced to draw people’s attention to the significance of living sustainably with nature.

    Earlier in a goodwill message, the representative of the Education Secretary, Lagos Island Education District, Mr. Rasheed Fashanu commended the State Government for replanting the historical tree in the school as the area in times past was named after the tree because of the large concentration of Breadfruit trees in the area.

    He added that in the past students in the education district have always been encouraged to plant trees and the trees planted as a result are the ones being seen around now.

    The Director, Sanitation Services Department, Dr. Hassan Sanuth explained that trees planted were indigenous trees and synonymous to certain areas adding that in previous years other trees like Mango was planted at the Mangoro area of the state as well as the Coconut Tree planted at the Idi-Agbon Area in Ifako Ijaiye.


    Kunle Adeshina
    Director Public Affairs
    MOE &WR
    June 2, 2022


    Lagos State Government on Wednesday charged all Engineers at the Local Government levels to ensure the incorporation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) into every project and policy before implementation.

    The Permanent Secretary Office of Environmental Services, Dr. Omobolaji Gaji stated this during a stakeholders engagement workshop for Council Managers and Engineers on mainstreaming of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) into a developmental initiative in Lagos State held at LCCI Event Centre, Ikeja.

    The Perm Sec maintained that Environmental Impact Assessment is a critical environmental management tool that must be embraced by all sectors across the state.

    He stated that the objective of the meeting was to discuss the critical role of (EIA) in various collective strides toward sustainable development in the State.

    “Dear participant, you will agree with me that it is no longer news that Lagos remains the preferred destination for many businesses operating within the various sectors of Nigeria’s economy. This is cheering news as it opens the State to economic prosperity, on the other hand, it comes with various types of environmental challenges” he said.

    He said the establishment of industries, creation of settlements, and construction of infrastructure, all come with huge adverse environmental impacts ranging from pollution to irreversible environmental degradation if not properly managed.

    He said it is for these reasons that the Government through the Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources adopted the application of the EIA process in ensure sustainable implementation of development projects in the State in line with global best practices.

    He stated that the cost of doing the right things is cheaper than the cost of correcting the consequences of refusal to do them stressing that was why the Ministry created awareness on the need for participation and compliance with the EIA process in the State.

    He reiterated that the Government cannot afford the huge cost of addressing environmental degradation and ecological challenges resulting from unwholesome project development activities

    He said it is worrisome that while the Government continues to see improvements in the level of compliance from the Private Sectors to the process, the same cannot be said of the Public Sectors adding that most Local Government & Local Council Development Areas have continued to execute projects without the EIA processes.

    He emphasized that the above situation portrays the Government as adopting double standards by insisting that the Private sectors comply with the process when Government Arms on their part are not.

    He said as a result of this, the Ministry developed a Citizens Guide on EIA to educate public and provided required information on EIA process in the State.

    He said the Ministry embarked on Stakeholders Engagement meetings to several Local Government Areas in the State with the latest held in Badagry LGA where the EIA Report of the Badagry Deep Seaport and Free Zone project was discussed adding that workshops for other LGAs and LCDAs would soon commence for the year.

    Earlier the Director of Environmental Assessment Department, Dr. Olasunkanmi Sojinu spoke on the EIA process in Lagos State saying parts of the process include submission of a letter of intent and terms of reference for the conduct of EIA for the proposed project.

    He added that others are a review of terms of reference, registration of the proposed project with the Ministry by obtaining project regulatory form, site verification for the assessment of nature; size and sensitivity of the size amongst others.

    Also the facilitator, Assistant Director, Environmental Assessment Department, Mr. Lasisi Adedoyin in his lecture titled “Mainstreaming Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) into developmental initiatives in Lagos State” explained that EIA should be put into consideration for projects development activities for environmental sustainability.

    He said oftentimes, environmental analysis is what people carried out before project development while referring to it as EIA.

    He advised that it has become important to incorporate greening, water project and proper drainage system in every projects being embarked upon.

    The stakeholders was attended by Council Managers, Engineers as well as Architect drawn from the 57 Local Government and LCDs in Lagos State.


    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE &WR
    May 25, 2022


    Joins global celebration of Biodiversity Day – 

    Lagos State on Monday emphasized its readiness to stimulate action for the conservation of biological diversity through awareness and enlightenment as it joined the global celebration of Biodiversity Day

    In a statement signed by the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, he added that the State will also consolidate on partnerships with reputable Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in this wide.

    Tunji Bello also said that biodiversity was an essential asset that must be sustainably managed, wisely utilized, and conserved for future generations.

    Highlighting the theme for the 2022 celebration “Building a shared future for all life” the Commissioner said the theme presupposes that nature must have a natural balance for the survival of all living and non-living things in the ecosystem.

    He described Biological Diversity as the variety of plants and animals that live in an ecosystem and highlighted the importance of biodiversity.

    “Biodiversity is the foundation upon which the natural ecosystem can build back better and massively scale up restoration effects that will breathe new life into our degraded ecosystems”, he stressed.

    He maintained that the 2022 theme aligns perfectly within the context of the ongoing United Nations Decade on Eco-Restoration which highlights that biodiversity is the answer to several challenges to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) especially, goal 14 (Life below Water) and goal 15 (Life on Land & Climate action).

    Bello said the greatest threats facing Biological Diversity today were numerous but pre-eminent amongst them were habitat destruction and over-exploitation adding that the quest by property developers to acquire land for housing projects has led to the wanton destruction of many wetlands and forest ecosystems.

    He said over-exploitation of wildlife was also a major contributor to the increasing decline in the population of several species of animals in the State at an alarming rate emphasizing that animals that are facing imminent threat of extinction were Pangolin, hooded vulture, sea turtle and manatee populations.

    The Commissioner said the State Government was aware of this development and has continuously taken various steps aimed at addressing them and has embarked on an Advocacy and Awareness Campaign on Wetlands Conservation to the three Senatorial Districts in the State.

    “Amongst these steps is the partnership with the Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative (LUFASI) and the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) on the conservation of the hooded vulture, pangolin, and Ekki tree population in the State; these partnerships will help protect critically endangered species from extinction and serve as a springboard for their sustained population in the wild,” he said.

    He warned people who engage in the illicit trade and sales of wildlife especially in the wet markets across Lagos state to desist as the Ministry will soon commence State-wide surveillance and enforcement to curb the menace.

    Bello appealed to the world to continue to establish new protected areas and improve their management and also take action that implements the convention of biological diversity.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE &WR


    As part of its effort towards the provision of adequate quality water supply to its citizenry, Lagos State Government has commenced baseline data collation and status verification on Water supply across the State.

    Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources Mr. Tunji Bello speaking over the weekend at a one-Day Training Session for Field Officers on the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) survey in Ikeja said the government needs adequate data to support policy formation on water resources.

    He noted that it is certain that the water supply is inadequate in the State and it is only through baseline studies and data gathering that effective policies could be made.

    Tunji Bello represented by the Director Drainage Enforcement and Compliance, Engr. Mahmood Adegbite said 100 enumerators will be trained for the exercise to cover the 57 Local Governments and Local Council Development Areas in the State.

    Appealing to the people of Lagos to support and accept the enumerators for a successful exercise, Bello said the survey aims to ensure that safe and clean water is accessible to all eventually.

    “It’s a 10days baseline survey of water supply and sanitation facilities in private and public facilities which will cover hotels, schools, tertiary institutions, farm settlements, hospitals, gardens, and more except private houses.

    According to him, “the survey is to determine the status of water and sanitation facilities in all the institutions, which will eventually form the cornerstone that will finally inform investment in the sector as soon as possible.

    In her remarks, the Director, Water Resources, Engr. (Mrs.) Omolanke Taiwo noted that the importance of quality water cannot be over-emphasized in human existence, saying that Water is life and should be available and accessible to every resident.

    She recalled that the Federal Government launched a campaign to put an end to open defecation by 2025, adding that a baseline survey would give proper status and functionality to the water scheme and the report would give an edge to the government to plan.

    He urged everyone to take the survey as part of their lives and give total support to the enumerators adding that if there is no safe water there can not be good sanitation.


    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs) MOE &WR

    May 13, 2022


    PIX 6792: L-R : H.E Acting Consul General of United States Consulate in Nigeria, Mr. Brandon Hudspeth, General Manager, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA), Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, Honourable Commissioner for The Environment and Water Resources,Tunji Bello and Permanent Secretary Office of Environmental Services, Omobolaji Gaji presenting Souvenirs to the H.E Acting Consul General of United States in Nigeria, during the Air Quality high-level meeting between U.S. Mission, Nigeria and Lagos State Government held on the 10th of May 2022, at the Lagos State Ministry of The Environment Conference Hall, Secretariat Alausa,Ikeja

    The Lagos State Government and the United States of America Consulate in Nigeria on Tuesday committed to greater collaboration toward air quality monitoring and measuring to reduce pollution and combat the effect of climate change.

    The Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, and the Acting Consular General of the American Consulate, Brandon Hudspeth expressed the commitment at a high-level meeting between the State officials and the Consulate at Alausa, Ikeja.

    Speaking at the event, Tunji Bello said Lagos was in dire need of larger collaboration especially in human capacity building to combat the climate change menace across the state.

    He said the State Government in its quest to tackle climate change in 2008 commenced a Climate Change Conference which took place till date till 2015 when it had a break before recommencing in 2021.

    He explained that part of the resolutions of past conferences was the creation of Lagos State Parks and Gardens Agency for continuous tree planting across Lagos in order to mitigate the effects of climate change adding that the Bus Rapid Transportation (BRT) scheme was introduced to reduce emission on transport because the BRT mode of transportation can convey more people at a time.

    He stated that with the population at about 24 million in Lagos, it is obvious that human activities have warmed the atmosphere, ocean, and land adding that the Government is trying to put various measures in place so that human activities must be carried out with climate change in mind.

    PIX: 6800: Political/ Economic Analyst, U.S Consulate General Lagos State, Olivette Smith, General Manager, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency, (LASEPA) Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, H.E, Acting Consul General of the United States Consulate in Nigeria, Mr. Brandon Hudspeth, Representative of the Governor and Honourable Commissioner for The Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, Permanent Secretary Office of Environmental Services, Omobolaji Gaji and Political Officer U.S, Consulate General Nigeria, Janine Lewis during the Air Quality High-level meeting between U.S. Consulate and Lagos State Government held on the 10th of May 2022, at the Lagos State Ministry of The Environment Conference Hall, Secretariat Alausa, Ikeja.

    The Acting U. S. Consul General, Mr. Brandon Hudspeth, said the Consulate was elated with the various activities developed by the Lagos State Government to combat Climate change adding that they are ready to partner and give technical expertise to further raise awareness about air pollution.

    He added that the U. S Consulate in Nigeria has ensured all its building in Nigeria has been operating on zero carbon emission saying that this was part of their contribution to combat air pollution.

    In her presentation, the General Manager, Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency(LASEPA) Dr. Dolapo Fasawe Stated that Lagos State’s expectation for the partnership was to create adequate awareness about Air quality, Dangers of Air Pollution, and ways to mitigate the effect of Air pollution against Climate change.

    She added that scientists have long proven that air pollution exposure could lead series of negative health impacts, saying that higher ozone brought about steeper increases in depressive symptoms across adolescent development, a pattern that was not observed for other forms of psychopathology symptoms.

    She further explained that Air is supposed to be transparent, odorless, and colourless adding that once it is smoking, the air has become polluted and dangerous to human health.

    She informed that Lagos State Government has installed six Air Quality Monitoring Station in strategic locations across the State adding that henceforth the State Government would commence the enforcement of arrest of vehicles and machinery contributing to carbon emission.

    In his presentation, the Head of Climate Change and Environmental Planning Department in the Ministry of the Environment, Mr. Micheal Bankole highlighted that as of 2015 the total emission in Lagos State was estimated to be 26 million Gigatonnes of carbon-infused in the atmosphere saying stationery energy contributed 55%, Transportation 20%, while Waste Contributes 25%.

    He mentioned that the rise in the carbon emissions could be attributed to Rapid Population Growth, and increased Green House Gas(GHG) among other contributors adding that these have caused a reduction in Air quality, infrastructural stress, flooding various health challenges.

    He said Lagos State has been working on various strategies that when fully implemented will set Lagos on a pathway towards Cabon neutrality by 2050.


    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs) MOE &WR
    May 10, 2022


    As Env. Min convenes stakeholders meeting to proffer solutions

    The Lagos State Government over the weekend informed that a permanent solution to the issue of flooding in Idumagbo, Oroyinyin, Ojo Giwa, and environs in Lagos Island would be put in place before the end of the year, stressing that what presently obtains at the Ilubirin end is a temporary measure.

    Addressing stakeholders that included the Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Hon Wasiu Eshinlokun Sanni at a meeting held at the Lagos Island Local Government Area, Lagos, on the issue of continuous floods experienced in the area, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello said the State government will provide a massive pumping station equipped with high capacity tanks.

    L-R: PIX : 6617,664,6647,6651 Managing Director/CEO, Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Hon. Ibrahim Odunboni, Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, Deputy Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Wasiu Eshinlokun and Director of Drainage Enforcement and Compliance, Engr. Mamood Adegbite Adegbite during a Stakeholders meeting on flooding abatement in Idumagbo and its environs over the weekend.

    He stressed that when fully functional, the pumping station will be fitted with 3 bigger pumps of 3000m cube per minute M3 capacity each with a 400KVA generator to power it and which have the capacity of pumping all the water that might have accumulated within an hour.

    He assured residents that what has been provided at the Ilubirin end, for now, is a temporary measure which takes a minimum of two days to pump water after every heavy rainfall, adding that a basin of about 6 meters depth is part of the features of the new pump station that is coming on stream.

    Bello told the audience that including leaders of Community Development Committees CDCs and Community Development Associations CDAS, market men and women that the major problem responsible for flooding is the depressing nature of the area which has made it difficult for water to naturally drain into the canals.

    He explained that the natural embarkment constructed at Ilubirin should not be seen as the cause of flooding but as an engineering solution that had prevented the lagoon from flowing back into the communities.

    He stressed that what was being experienced in Idumagbo and its environs is the effects of climate change as Lagos is one of the cities projected as one of the sinking cities in the world.

    He advised residents of Lagos Island to desist from dumping refuse into drains and canals, urging them to take ownership of the environment by moving against property developers who litter drains with building materials, preventing flowing drains.

    Speaking on the complaints of unavailability of pipe-borne water in Lagos island, he said the problem is receiving due attention through a complete overhaul of the pipe network and machinery of the Adiyan and Iju waterworks project.

    He said the necessary approvals have been given by Mr. Governor for the projects which also include the Onikan water scheme which would restore water supply to the Island and Mainland when completed.

    He added that all the pipe networks supplying all the residents which are already rusted and dilapidated will also be replaced to allow pipe-borne water to reach all homes very soon.

    The Commissioner directed LAWMA to collaborate with Lagos Island Local Government on the possibility of allowing the PSP operators to discharge refuse generated by tenements at the TLS located at Ebute Elefun before being trans-loaded to the Ojota dumpsite.

    In his address, the Deputy Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly representing Lagos Island 1, Hon Wasiu Eshinlokun Sanni, appealed to residents to cooperate with the State Government as it is set to proffer a permanent solution to flooding in the area.

    He pledged to use his good office to ensure that adequate funds are allocated by the State House of Assembly for the successful provision of the permanent solution.

    He noted that Mr. Governor has already awarded the contracts for the construction of many roads in the area, giving a commitment that the Sanwo-Olu administration is committed to providing the dividends of democracy to residents.

    The Chairman, Lagos Island East Local Government Area, Hon. Muibi Alabi Folawiyo in his remarks said Lagos Island needs serious regeneration and construction of drainages in order to permanently curb the menace of flooding in the area.

    He also called for commitment and a greater sense of duty from PSP operators in Lagos Island, claiming that their level of service needs an improvement.

    Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services, Engr. Olalekan Shodeinde, who was represented by the Director of Drainage Enforcement and Compliance, Engr. Mahmood Adegbite advised the residents to form a committee of residents and groups to liaise and meet with the officials of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources once a month and feed the community back.

    He added that with the setting up of the committee, the government would have first-hand information to respond adequately when developers build on drainage alignments and houses channel their soak-away into drainages.

    Also in his remarks, the Managing Director, Lagos Waste Management Authority, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni said LAWMA is ready to provide a dumping site for PSP operators from the Island to deliver only wastes generated by residents and not commercial entities at the Transfer Loading Station at Ebute Elefun before being trans loaded to Ojota Dumpsite.

    He said PSP operators are working tirelessly in Lagos Island, stressing that 150 tonnes of waste are generated in the area daily, which amounts to 15 trucks.


    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE &WR


    The Lagos State Government on Wednesday reiterated that the time has come for all to take the issue of mitigation, adaptation and climate finance more seriously in the quest to tackle climate change.

    Speaking during a Climate Change Technical Committee meeting held at Protea Hotel, Ikeja, the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources Mr. Tunji Bello said all ministerial departments and agencies must work collaboratively to achieve desired purposes.

    He added that the technical committee meeting is about fashioning out a position paper for the state as it develops strategies that would contribute to Lagos state emission reduction and improve air quality.

    Bello said Climate Change is real and the current warming trend is of particular significance because it is unequivocally the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and is proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over the years.

    He added that it is undeniable that human activities have warmed the atmosphere, ocean, and land while the rapid change in the atmosphere and others have occurred.

    He stressed that the above scenario is true for Lagos State because from air pollution to waste management, transportation to energy, all the indices are not encouraging.

    The Commissioner stated further that Human activities that are not sustainable are constantly perpetrated thus increasing the State’s Emission profile stressing that, the State Government cannot afford to pay lip service to the fight against this devastating phenomenon.

    Quoting Rt Hon Alok Sharma, President of COP 26,“We can now say with credibility that we have kept 1.5 degrees alive. But, its pulse is weak and it will only survive if we keep our promises and translate commitments into rapid action”. This is a clarion call for us all to kick–start the process of putting Lagos on a sure-footing environmentally and climate-protected, he said.

    He said the socio-economic and infrastructural development must be done with climate change in mind adding that several studies have revealed that the State must vigorously pursue adaptation and mitigation projects to stop the tide of environmental pollution arising from the Business-as-Usual (BUA) syndrome.

    He reiterated that climate change cuts across thematic sectors which fall under everyone’s ministerial responsibilities and everyone must project their actions, activities, and programmes through a common platform via the secretariat for reportage.

    He explained that the committee which consists of Permanent Secretaries as well as Heads of Agencies is expected to bring to fore issues and concerns related to the impacts of climate change on human well-being and the Environment to the secretariat adding that the Ministries of the Environment and Water Resources and other Ministries should not be seen as competing with one another.

    The Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Service, Omobolaji Gaji said it has become necessary to Mainstream the climate change projects and programmes into Lagos State developmental plans.

    He urged heads of MDAs to set up Climate Change Department in their various Ministries adding that it was important to encourage information sharing and synergy amongst MDAs saying this would encourage easy implementation of the Lagos Climate Action Plan.

    He said the time is now for all to close rank and allow prosperity to talk well of everyone’s efforts on issues on climate change as these efforts will shape the future moving towards the 2050 landmark.

    In his presentation, the Head Climate Change Department in the Ministry of the Environment, Mr. Micheal Bankole highlighted that as at 2015 the total emission in Lagos State was estimated to be 26 million Gigatonnes of carbon-infused in the atmosphere saying stationery energy contributed 55%, Transportation 20%, while Waste Contributes 25%.

    He mentioned that the rise in the carbon emissions could be attributed to Rapid Population Growth, Sea-level Rise as well as increased Green House Gas(GHG) adding that these have caused infrastructural stress, flooding and the recent heatwave being experienced.

    He said the Climate Action Plan builds on earlier Climate Change strategies for Lagos State to deliver a package of measures that when fully implemented will set Lagos on a pathway towards Caron neutrality by 2050.

    This year’s Climate Change Technical Committee attended policy decision-makers from Government, members of the Academia and Non – Governmental Organizations as well as Civil Society Organisations.



    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs) MOE &WR

    April 26, 2022