The Lagos State Government on Tuesday allayed fears of Idumagbo and environs on the incessant flood occasioned by the low lying nature of the area and the rising sea level, assuring that necessary measures including the pumping of water from the depressed areas are ongoing and will effectively manage the flooding.

    Addressing protesters who converged at Illubirin in Lagos Island, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello explained that the whole affected area is depressed as such water cannot flow into the drains naturally.

    He stated that a permanent solution which will involve the provision of 3 bigger pumps of 3000m cube per minute M3 is already underway as well as a reconstruction of the drainage outlet.

    “Each one of those pumps will need a generator with a capacity of 400KVA and will be provided to power each of the pumps”, he added.

    Responding to the request for demolition of the natural embankment used to prevent the ingress of water from the lagoon, the Commissioner who was represented by the director of Drainage Enforcement and Compliance, ENGR Mahmoud Adegbite extended an invitation to representatives of the protesters to the Office at Alausa on Wednesday for further explanations on the need for the embankment.

    He added that the embarkment was necessary to prevent water from coming in from the lagoon.

    Bello stated that Climate change was part of what is being experienced and it is happening all over the world, adding that some cities have not recovered from its effects.

    According to him, Lagos is part of the sinking cities, but the government will never fold their arms and let the untoward happen, adding that Lagos Island is a low-lying area which explains the convergence of water.

    He added that as a follow-up to the meeting with representatives of the protesters on Wednesday, officials of the ministry will also visit Ilubirin on Saturday with residents to have a first-hand experience of the level of the water.

    Earlier, the spokesperson for the protesters, Mr. Mukadass Maja, while speaking, said their demand for a lasting solution is to pull down the embankment that prevents the ingress of water from the lagoon, to allow free flow of water.

    He said many of the streets, shops, mosques, churches, police stations, and schools in the areas are seriously flooded and is affecting the economy of the areas.

    Some of the affected areas include Ojo Giwa, Jankara, Idu Garan, Okoya amongst others and some affected schools include King Ado High School and St. Patrick Primary school.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director Public Affairs
    MOE &WR
    April 26, 2022



    World Environment Day (WED) celebrated on the 5th of June every year, is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. First held in 1973, it has been a flagship campaign for raising awareness on emerging environmental issues from marine pollution, human overpopulation, global warming, sustainable consumption and wildlife crime. WED has grown to become a global platform for public outreach, with participation from over 143 countries annually. Each year, WED raises a new theme that major corporations, NGOs, communities, governments and celebrities worldwide adopt to advocate environmental causes.


    Over the years, various individuals and corporate organisations have continued to contribute to the process of making the environment better. Most of these individuals and corporate organisations are often not noticed or recognised for their contributions to the environment. In view of this, the Lagos State Government through the Ministry of the environment and Water Resources  has instituted an environmental award tagged ‘’Lagos Green Award’’. The Lagos Green Award is designed to recognised individual and corporate organisation who have contributed to making the Lagos Environment better.

    Lagos Green Award will recognize individuals, groups or businesses whose actions improved environmental resilience in the city of Lagos in the areas of:

    • Environmental Management
    • Best Environmental Practices
    • Oil Spill Management
    • Health, Safety & Environmental Performance
    • Waste Prevention & Recycling
    • Solid Waste Treatment & Disposal
    • Emissions Control Technologies
    • Natural Resources Conservation
    • Innovation and Sustainable Solutions

    This level of recognition is competition based,  participating units will be assessed against separate sets of environmental performance criteria which may encompass some of those used in the assessment of the various sectors.

    The number of awardees will be limited to one Gold Award, one Silver Award, one Bronze Award for each sector. The sectors are:

    (a) Construction Industry;

    (b) Property Management;

    (c) Transport and Logistics;

    (d) Retailers;

    (e) Hotels, Restaurants and Catering Companies;

    (f) Financial Institutions; and

    (g) NGOs and Public sector

    (H) Industry

    (I) Media

    Entries must clearly identify an environment initiative and how it had, or continues to have, an impact on Lagos State.

    Entries could be submitted to:

    The Permanent Secretary,

    Office of Environmental Service,

    Ministry of the environment,

    Block 16, The Secretariat Annex, Alausa,

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Alternatively, you can email: lagosstateministryoftheenviron@gmail.com, alasisi@lagosstate.gov.ng, temitope.bello@lagosstate.gov.ng

    Closing date for entries is May 20, 2022.



    The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Thursday called on stakeholders, environmentalists, and young persons to join in the effort to make the environment and the world green, habitable, and safe.
    The Governor who spoke through the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources Mr. Tunji Bello at the “Launch of the trees from Art in Lagos State” held at Nike Art Gallery, Lekki Lagos said the Government cannot achieve these all alone.
    He said it is necessary for everyone to brainstorm on the ways the effects of climate change can be mitigated and ensure the environment is clean, green, and free of harmful toxins.
    According to him, in the words of Bill Gates, “climate change is a terrible problem and absolutely needs to be solved” adding that “While we cannot and should not continue to fold our hands and watch our societies deteriorate as a result of climate change, we should take time to acknowledge those taking deliberate actions to sensitize us and proffer solutions to this challenge”.

    He said the Government has been giving attention to initiatives, programmes and policies that will protect the environment and also reduce the impact of climate change in the State, Country and the world at large.

    He added that globally, climate change is leading to more unprecedented weather patterns, an instance of which can be seen in the now somewhat repetitive Sahara Dessert Snowfall.

    Sanwo- Olu said everyone cannot continue to ignore or deny the harsh realities climate change is having on the environment, weather, agricultural sector, and all other spheres of life because the effects are obvious and visible to all.

    He stated that each year, the government keep seeing different testaments that prove it needs to do more to address climate change added that since 2008, the State have observed July 24 as Tree Planting day in Lagos.

    He explained that through this initiative, millions of trees have been planted and increasing number of the people are being enlightened on the need to embrace the culture of tree planting for a sustainable and healthy environment.

    He stressed that the Government have also been actively ensuring that all drainage channels are cleared to ensure free flow of water to reduce flooding and its devastating effects.

    ” I am particularly thrilled with this “Trees from Art in Lagos State” Initiative because it is in sync with the Naija Climate Now pian to support Climate Change Adaptation, Green Entrepreneurship, and Environmental Education in Nigeria” he said.

    He said this initiative will also begin with Climate Education and Planting of 100,000 trees in secondary schools.

    The Governor expressed appreciation to Solution17 for Climate Action and the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nigeria for partnering with Lagos State to launch this initiative and also acknowledge the efforts of the founder of Nike Art Gallery, Nike Davies-Okundaye and other personalities in the art and green energy space.

    He said this will be a perfect opportunity to get the young adults take action and responsibility for the environment while helping to restore green life quality in school communities and reduce the effects of climate change in the society.
    He added that the initiative is aimed at mobilizing young people as it will nurture them to care better for the environment, while preparing them as green. innovators, creators and technologists for climate change.


    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE &WR
    April 7, 2022


    …As State holds 2022 Annual Seasonal Rainfall Pattern Prediction briefing

    The Lagos State Government on Thursday stated that the State will experience about 250 to 300 days of rainfall across the 20 Local Governments in the Year 2022.

    It also disclosed that the annual rainfall amount for the State will be 2700mm just as the State will experience onset, cessation, and rainfall amount similar to the prediction for 2021.

    The implication is that Lagos will experience a rain pattern of high intensity and frequency similar to what was experienced in 2021.

    Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources Mr. Tunji Bello made these known while addressing the media at a press briefing for 2022 Seasonal Climate Predictions (SCP) and Social Implications for Lagos State held at Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources Conference Room, Alausa.

    He added that the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET), at the beginning of every year, usually forecasts the expected rainfall and temperature patterns spanning the entire country while the results were published as the Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP).

    He explained that the Ministry is consolidating on its collaboration with NiMet in the area of annual SCP which has been very valuable as a vital weather and early warning tool for farmers, planners, decision-makers, operators of various sectors, and businesses that are likely to be affected by the annual rainfall patterns as demonstrated by this media briefing.

    Bello said the SCP for Lagos State generally signifies that the onset dates range between 17th March in the earliest and 6th April 2022 at the latest, while the cessation dates range between 30th November and 5th December 2022.

    He revealed Ikeja is expected to have a rainfall onset date of 17th March while cessation date is 3rd December with a total amount of 1392mm adding that Lagos Island is expected to have a rainfall onset date as 6th April, cessation date as 30th November and a total rainfall amount of 1627mm as specifically highlighted by NiMet.

    According to him, the peculiarity of Lagos State, as a coastal state and its strategic position as the economic hub of the nation, has necessitated the need to disseminate crucial information on the 2022 Climate Prediction in order to prepare our people ahead of the likely consequences of the rains and other relevant weather parameters.

    He said it is also expected that the recent increased frequency of extreme weather events will continue in 2022 with days of extremely high rainfall amounts which may result in flooding.

    “Our pro-active administration in the State, in response to the above phenomena, has strengthened the Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS) to deliver reliable, timely and effective flood information at an appropriate response time” he said.

    Bello emphasized that the construction of Lagos State network of weather stations has commenced and will soon reach the completion stage saying these stations would assist in monitoring the weather in the State as well as increase the preparedness for weather-related issues.

    He assured the people that the Government would continue to reap the gains of rigorous planning as the flood control measures are being stepped up to contain any imminent heavy rainfalls adding that the rainfall from neighboring Ogun and Osun States, dams release,d and rivers flowing into the State would also be monitored.

    He stressed that towards ensuring a flood-free and hygienic environment in the State, the Ministry always embarks on all-year-round drainage maintenance for effective flood control as well as a sustainable solid waste management system.

    Bello emphasized that the Government is determined to maintain the long-established synergy with the Ogun-Oshun River Basin Authority (OORBDA) which has ensured control and monitoring of the systemic release of water from Oyan Dam to prevent flooding of the downstream reaches of Ogun River.

    He stated that the low-lying areas such as Agiliti, Agboyi, Itowolo and Ajegunle communities in Lagos State will be closely monitored with respect to the likelihood of Ogun River flooding, adding that the afore mentioned areas may be highly vulnerable to heavy flooding this year.

    He reiterated that the Government would not relent in it efforts to continually sensitize communities in coastal and low-lying areas of the State, to relocate upland to avert needless loss of lives and property, when the need arises.

    He appealed to the media to be cautious in the manner they report issues of flooding and to help educate the public that when it rains heavily, it is natural to have flash floods which would drain off quickly, as the case in different parts of the world.

    He said the present administration recently approved a plastic waste policy which is one of the pro-active measures to reduce the prevalence of plastic waste and also create a circular economy for plastic waste adding that indiscriminate dumping of plastic wastes into the drains lead to flooding.

    The Commissioner said the State resident Drainage Engineers were available in all the 57 Local Governments Areas and Local Council Development Areas to attend to all drainage related matters during and after the rainy season stressing that the State had also strengthened the synergy with authorities at the Local Government and Local Council Development Areas for monitoring of tertiary drains to ensure free-flowing drains into the secondary and primary collectors.

    “Finally, I wish to appeal once again to our people to support our efforts by complementing the State Government through the regular clearing of drains in their frontages and residences to ensure free-flow of stormwater as well as to desist from dumping of refuse into drainage channels,” he said.

    In his remarks, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Drainage and Water Resources, Engineer Joe Igbokwe emphasized that owing to the pressure of insecurity in some other states, Lagos has become the most secured state in the country and this has increased the influx of people into the state saying this has put a lot of pressure of infrastructure in the state.

    He said the government is determined to rid the state of all forms of environmental infractions across the State, adding that homeowners in low lying areas like Iwaya, Makoko, Ijora Badiya, Agboyi Ketu, Itowolo, Isheri amongst others should be mindful as their homes are located along natural water path.

    He said the proper care for Environment can be achieved through sensitization, attitudinal change and development of individuals capable of taking action on environmental issues towards achieving a sustainable environment.

    The Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engr. Lekan Shodeinde said it has been scientifically predicted that there will be a rise in ocean level which will further lead to a rise in Lagoon level bringing a back-flow to the low-lying areas in the Lagos state.

    He urged the media to assist the government in the advocacy against indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the state saying that achieving this feat could on be through an attitudinal change of the people and not only enforcement.

    Also in his remarks, the Managing Director, Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni stated that the implementation of the Plastic Waste policy has gotten to the stage where it involves the manufacturers and consumers’ adding that massive advocacy was ongoing in the markets on waste sorting.

    He explained that the pilot scheme of waste sorting from the source begins on the 1st of April in Magodo Phase 1 being an organized setting adding that when success is recorded, it will be extended to other organized Estates and Markets in the State.

    He urged everyone to continue to do their bit in maintaining the environment, stressing that government will not relent in performing its responsibilities of maintaining flood free and clean environment.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE &WR
    March 31st, 2022


    ….Sets Up Assessment Committee, to commence work in May

    Lagos State Government on Sunday announced the resourcitation of the Environmental Sanitation competition amongst all Local Governments and Council Areas in the State.

    In a statement, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, said the competition is being brought back to reawaken the consciousness of every resident with Local Governments serving as the pivot of the campaign.

    He explained that since the programme suffered a setback in 2017 through a court stoppage of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise, everyone has let down their guard thus aggravating various environmental issues.

    He stated that part of the benefit derivable is bringing about healthy competition on sanitation and hygiene practices amongst communities, markets and LG/LCDA.

    Others are improvement in the environmental conditions of the state especially on Highways, roads and streets, markets, schools and illegal Street trading.

    Bello said the competition will take input of actors in the communities including local government chairmen, community leaders, traditional rulers, transport unions and market leaders.

    He informed that an assessment committee which will start work in May has been constituted with membership drawn from the Environment Ministry and Local Government and Community Affairs and other relevant MDAs to inspect all public utilities.

    The assessment committee will also inspect the general aesthetics of the scheduled LG/LCDA and the commitment of each to environmental management.

    The Commissioner listed some of the criteria for the assessment of each LG/LCDA to include culture of bagging of refuse, clean and flowing drains, LAWMA PSP patronage and vegetal control.

    Others are markets cleaniness, landscaping and beautification of LG/LCDA secretariat, control of illegal structures, shanties, black spots, illegal refuse dumps, encroachment on drainage setbacks, Street trading, abandoned buildings, land and properties.

    The assessment is expected to be rounded off in November with an award ceremony during which mouth watering prizes will be presented to the winner and first runners-up LG/LCDA.

    Consolation prices will also be given to the cleanest market, school, environmental sanitation friendly motor park/ garage amongst others.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director(Public Affairs)
    April 18, 2021

  • LAGOS TO EXPERIENCE NORMAL RAINFALL OF 238-261 DAYS IN 2021 Continuos dredging and cleaning of all canals ongoing.. As HC Env. briefs on Seasonal Rainfall Pattern for 2021

    The Lagos State Government on Wednesday informed residents that the state will experience normal rainfall of between 238-261 days this year, assuring that adequate measures are already in place for contain any eventuality.

    Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources Mr Tunji Bello who stated this during a press briefing on the Year 2021 Seasonal Climate Predictions (SCP) at Alausa stated that the Maximum Annual Rainfall for this 2021 is predicted to be 1,747mm.

    He maintained that the State government is set to ensure a flood-free and hygienic environment during the season.

    He noted that the State is collaborating with the the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMET) not only in the areas of Annual Seasonal climate Prediction but also in downscaling the predictions to all stakeholders.

    He added that the State has concluded preparation to have its own network of weather stations to closely monitor the climate as well as increase the preparedness for weather related issues.

    Bello said the Seasonal Climate Prediction for Lagos State indicated onset dates that ranged between March 17th in earliest and April 6th, while the season ending is predicted to be between 30th November and 5th December 2021

    According to the Commissioner, Ikeja is expected to experience about 261 days of rainfall with a total amount of 1392mm and the rainfall onset date of 17th March as it already witnessed while the cessation date is expected to be 3rd of December 2021.

    “Lagos Island is had a rainfall onset date of 6th April, while its cessation date is expected to be 30th of November. It is also expected that Lagos Island would have about 238 days of rainfall and about 1627mm of rainfall this year”.

    “It is also expected that the increasing frequency of extreme weather events indicate that year 2021 would likely experience days with extremely high rainfall amounts which may result in flooding” he declared.

    Bello restated that the Emergency Flood Abatement Gangs (EFAG) of the Ministry have been consistently de-silting and working on various linkages to the secondary and primary channels to enable them discharge efficiently and act as retention basins.

    He said in order to forestall the incidences of collapse of telecommunication masts, occasioned by high velocity of the wind, expected during the onset and cessation of every rainfall, Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) has been put on alert to ensure advertising and communication agencies comply with regulations on safety of billboards and telecommunication masts.

    He added that all emergency agencies, traffic management agencies and other emergency related outfits have also been put on the alert to assist in reducing the negative impact of thunder storm associated with rainfall across the State.

    He disclosed further that Government is determined to maintain the long-established synergy and partnership with Ogun-Oshun River Basin Authority which has ensured control and monitoring of the steady and systemic release of water from Oyan Dam to prevent flooding of the downstream reaches.

    He emphasized that the government would ramp up their enlightenment and advocacy efforts to sensitize and advise communities in coastal and low-lying wetland areas of the State, to move upland when the need arises so as to avert needless loss of lives and property.

    He enjoined journalists to partner government in sensitizing Lagosians who reside along flood plains of major rivers and drainage channels such as Owode, Iwaya, Makoko, Badia, Ijora, Isaalu, Pota, Shibiri etc, to always be on the alert and be ready to move to higher grounds when the need arises adding that they would be duly notified at the appropriate time.

    He reiterated that the government would continue to serve abatement notices on owners of illegal structures, violators of building regulations on drainage alignments, tenements and institutions discharging solid waste in water bodies.

    The Commissioner however called on market men and women to ensure that they follow the rules as regards waste disposal and cleanliness in their market space as any market found flouting this laws will be shut.

    Disclosing that it is natural to have flashfloods, which will percolate or drain off quickly, as is also the case in different parts of the world, the Commissioner added that It is only when flood remains on the roads for several hours and days that flooding can be reported.

    The Special Adviser on Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engr. Joe Igbokwe who was also part of the briefing informed of government plans to dredge about 221 collector drains, 32 primary channels measuring about 72km spread across the 20 Local Government Areas of the State to checkmate flooding.

    He added that the Emergency Flood Abatement Gangs (EFAG) would also be de-silting various tertiary channels and manholes measuring about 100km across the State.

    He assured that the present administration is determined to find a lasting solution to flooding by building of concrete drainage covers while dredging of canals which has commenced in March will round up in October.

    He called on residents to support Government to achieve a flood free Lagos and desist from dumping refuse on drainage channels or encroaching on Right of Ways of canals, adding that it is regrettable that several of the canals that have been recently cleaned up are again been littered by residents.

    He said for areas that are complaining that they are yet to feel the presence of the government in terms of drainage construction and clearing, the wheels of development will eventually get to them.


    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE &WR
    April 14, 2021


    … Env. Comm. Tunji Bello also commissions Air Monitoring station, Digital E-library and hybrid van at LASEPA.


    The Lagos State Government over the weekend gave respite to industries without capacity to test their effluents and industrial, hazardous wastewater as it commissioned a mini effluent treatment plant that would determine their toxicity before being released into the atmosphere.

    Speaking at the handover at Alausa which also featured the unveiling of an Air Monitoring Station located at six different locations, a Digital E-Library and a hybrid vehicle, Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello said the new additions will empower the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) to be better positioned to perform its regulatory roles.

    He added that in times past when industrial concerns sought the help of LASEPA to assist in analyzing effluents, the agency could not respond as quickly as it should, adding that some industries even went beyond board of releasing such effluent into the atmosphere without seeking the advice of the agency.

    In his words: “This Mini Effluent plant came about because of the need to treat wastewater and leftover samples of industrial wastewater from LASEPA’s laboratory. It is regrettable that LASEPA, which has the responsibility for protecting the environment lacked an acceptable means of treating wastewater until now”

    Tunji Bello said vigilant members of the public were also not unmindful that with such scenario, LASEPA would have compromised her status as the environmental policeman that runs afoul of the same law it seeks to enforce.

    Bello emphasized that now, things can only get better for residents of the state in this wise, because there is also room for expansion of the capacity of the mini effluent plant in case request for usage increases geometrically such that the State will maintain its leading role in environmental management in Nigeria as the Centre of Excellence.

    He reminded all that the Lagos State Environmental Protection Law 2017 under the relevant sections empower LASEPA to survey and monitor surface, underground and portable air, land and soil environments in the state to determine pollution levels in them and collect baseline data”.

    He commended the World Bank for partnering with the State Government through LASEPA for the provision quality air monitoring stations that are located at six different locations in the state.

    He reiterated that the air quality measurement stations located at LASEPA headquarters, Alausa, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, Lekki, Abesan Estate, Ipaja, University of Lagos, Akoka, Jankara, Lagos Island and in Ikorodu will measure the air quality across its locations and aid better policy formulation on the environment in the State.

    He reiterated that the Air quality measuring station will ensure a comprehensive knowledge of the Air Quality of the Lagos environment, while helping to identify pollution and their sources.

    He said the digital E-library which was also commissioned would fast track the achievement of the goals and objectives of monitoring, controlling and regulating the environment to make it safe and healthy.

    Tunji Bello commended the general manager of LASEPA, Dr. Dolapo Fasawe and her management team for driving the process that has seen renewed vibrancy in the agency in terms of the delivery of its core mandate.

    “I feel proud of what LASEPA has become today due to the innovativeness and shrewd management of resources of the leadership and it is worthy of commendation now that the Agency is responding adequately to its job as the policeman of the atmosphere and the environment”, he said.

    Earlier in her welcome address, the General Manager, LASEPA, Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, said the maintenance of the environment is a collective responsibility especially on noise pollution and global warming, while urging residents to always ensure its sustainability.

    She said the commissioning of the completed projects is towards promoting environmental sustainability as the state is moving from a linear economy to a circular economy whereby before manufacturing, recycling has to be put into consideration.

    She commended the United Nations for its technical support always and the World Bank for material provisions to the agency at the event which also had in attendance the Special Adviser on Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engr. Joe Igbokwe, Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Service, Mrs Belinda Odeneye and her Office of Drainage Services counterpart, Engr. Olalekan Shodeinde and representatives of the United Nations, UNIDO, Zenith Bank, partners agencies and associations.


    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE & WR


    Magistrate Lateef Layeni sitting at the Special Offences (Mobile) Court over the weekend at Bolade, Oshodi remanded four men in prison custody for impersonating environmental officials and extorting unsuspecting members of the public.

    The four men, Afolayan Nurudeen (41), Fowowe Oluseyi (40), Kayode Olaleye (47) and Muibi Babatunde (50) who were arraigned on a four count charge, pleaded not guilty when their plea was taken.

    They were arraigned for (a) impersonating public officers by representing themselves as staffs of the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources to the public and (b) fraudulently using false documents with the intention that the documents shall be used and acted upon as genuine.

    They were also charged with (c) conspiring to commit felony and (d) conducting themselves in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace.

    The presiding Magistrate thereafter fixed Tuesday, March 30 for the commencement of the trial of the accused persons and ruled that they be remanded at the Badagry Prison.

    The four men were arrested on Wednesday, 17 March at about 3.45pm at Golden face Hotels, Orile Iganmu by Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Officials with assistance from ministry of the Environment and Water Resources officials following a surveillance on the men.

    Items found on the men include fake inspection letters, identification cards, Abatement notices of the ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Lagos State Wastewater Management Office (LSMWO), copy of court summons and stickers for certification of decontamination, all bearing the logo of Lagos State Government.

    The Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources had been inundated with complaints and reports from members of the public about the activities of some men who usually extort money on the pretext of enforcing sanitation laws in different parts of the state.

    This prompted the ministry officials to liaise with officials of Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Corps to be on the surveillance for the men who had been operating in the Orile Iganmu area for quite a while before they were apprehended.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director, Public Affairs


    The Lagos State Government on Thursday condemned the reported brutalization of a journalist with Guild Press Limited, Benjamin Anaja by some operatives of the Kick against Indiscipline (KAI) at Meiran Bus Stop, along the Lagos Abeokuta Expressway.

    In a statement signed by the State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, he said the present administration in the State has a zero tolerance for any form of brutalization of members of the public by any of her staffers or agents.

    He stated that the incident will be thoroughly investigated and all the KAI operatives mentioned in the news report which has already gone viral will be interrogated on what actually transpired and punitive measures taken if found culpable.

    He reiterated that the complainant would also be invited to come forward and substantiate his complaint and possibly identify the culprits who attacked him despite identifying himself as a journalist.

    The State apologized to the victim, the management of the Guild publishing company and the Nigerian Union of Journalists, promising that such an unfortunate incident will not repeat itself.

    He says the present administration under the leadership of Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu believes in a free and unfettered media which is a basic requirement for a better and egalitarian society.

    It would be recalled that a news story has gone viral on Wednesday evening about some operatives of KAI dislodging street traders at Meiran Bus Stop on Lagos Abeokuta Expressway and who reportedly accosted a journalist who was recording the event.

    He claimed to have produced his identity card but was dragged into the Green Maria, brutalized, detained for several hours and had his identity card rumpled before he was eventually released at Ikeja Along Bus Stop.  


    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs)


    Feb 04, 2021