Lagos State Government on Wednesday assured of July ending completion of work on a mega pumping station being constructed in Ilubirin to permanently address the issue of flooding in Lagos Island.

    Speaking with newsmen after an assessment tour of level of work on the pumping station located in the Ilubirin Estate, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engineer Nurudeen Shodeinde said when completed, the station will address the perennial flooding issues in Adeniji, Oroyinyin, Idumagbo, Ojo Giwa, Jankara and environs

    According to Shodeinde, construction work on the mega pumping station is expected to be concluded by end of July and will permanently solve the problem of back flowing of water from the Lagoon to the listed areas causing the water to remain stagnant.

    L-R. – Director, Drainage Construction, Office of Drainage Services Engr. Dapo Ajadi, Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engr. Lekan Shodeinde and Director, Drainage Enforcement and Compliance, Engr. Mahmood Adegbite discussing a point of interest during a project tour to the Construction site of a New Mega Pumping Station at Ilubirin Housing Estate to end incessant flooding of Lagos Island on the 3rd of May, 2023.

    He stressed that three mega turbine pumps with the capacity to pump 3million liters of storm water per hour will be installed at the station to continuously pump water into the lagoon.

    He explained that the Big turbine pumps are designed to function automatically and self operating while being powered majorly by public power electricity which will be backed up with a 350KVA generator with capacity to pump any accumulated water.

    The Permanent Secretary stressed that the major problem responsible for flooding is the depressed nature of the affected areas which makes it difficult for water to naturally drain into the Lagoon saying that the situation prompted the State to also construct a new rectangular drainage outlet at the Ilubirin end which is higher than the sea level.

    He explained that water is moved either by gravity or by pumping, bearing in mind that Lagos Island is the lowest-lying part of the state and has made it difficult for water to flow into the lagoon, hence a sump which is 20 by 20 meters in length and breadth and 6-7meters deep into the ground will be created where the three turbine pumping machines will be installed thereby creating artificial energy to pump the storm water out into the lagoon.

    He explained further that the Turbine pumps which are individually 4meters high will be installed deep into the water to maintain the temperature of the coils of the pump with a discharge point that is created higher than the level of the lagoon, adding that after the completion of the project, there will be no record of water flowing back from the lagoon into the communities.

    Shodeinde said the mega pumping station project will replace the temporary wall embarkment constructed at Ilubirin that was aimed at preventing the back flow of the Lagoon.

    L-R. – Director, Drainage Construction, Office of Drainage Services Engr. Dapo Ajadi, Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engr. Lekan Shodeinde and Director, Drainage Enforcement and Compliance, Engr. Mahmood Adegbite discussing a point of interest during a project tour to the Construction site of a New Mega Pumping Station at Ilubirin Housing Estate to end incessant flooding of Lagos Island on the 3rd of May, 2023.

    He stressed that was being experienced in Adeniji and environs can also be regarded as one of the effects of climate change, saying though Lagos has been projected as one of the sinking cities of the world but no Government will fold its hands and not put measures in place to avert such projections.

    He thereafter adviced residents of Lagos Island to desist from dumping refuse into the drains and canals, urging them to take ownership of their environment by moving against individuals who are in the habit as this has become a major contributor to flooding in the State.

    The Permanent Secretary was accompanied by the Directors of Drainage Monitoring, Enforcement and Compliance, Engr Kunle Adegbite, Drainage Construction, Engr Dapo Ajadi and Drainage Maintenance, Engr Olalekan Ajani amongst others.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director Public Affairs

    May 3rd 2023.


    Some seemingly little things that happen in Lagos state echo across the federation in no time!
    Many of us easily find the need to challenge our government on the need to emulate foreign countries with clean streets across the city but if you talk to a street cleaner or any other person mandated with such duties, he’ll tell you how deep our collective attitudes negate possibilities of actualizing such expectations.

    Easily too, we sometimes find it easy to conclude that officials of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) are only being ‘wicked’ when they strive to carry out their statutory duties.
    Some little things that happen in Lagos sometimes become issues for discussion in other parts of the federation. One of the more cent ones is the viral video of the female street trader whose viral video got ‘enriched’ with claims that the stall she put up along the street was only being demolished because a staff of KAI once made sexual advances towards her!
    I was one of those whose immediate reaction was to take sides with the woman who was claiming oppression and extortion. However, careful findings later indicated that her claims ‘get as e be’.

    But have we easily forgotten that KAI was born through a lofty vision to ensure better quality of life for all im a sustainable way?

    The Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) is a government agency that was established to enforce discipline and orderliness in Lagos, a city that daily attracts people from all parts of Nigeria. The agency is responsible for ensuring that Lagos residents comply with the state’s environmental and traffic laws.

    Unfortunately, the agency has received numerous sentimental attacks from some citizens, who accuse the agency of being too harsh in enforcing these laws. However, it is essential to stop these sentimental attacks and support the agency for the following reasons that appear obvious, even to visitors like us who live hundreds of miles away.

    Firstly, KAI’s primary objective is to make Lagos a better place for everyone. By enforcing environmental and traffic laws, the agency is ensuring that the state is clean and safe for all residents. This means that the agency is working towards the common good of all Lagosian, and any attacks against the agency are attacks against the common good.

    Secondly, KAI’s enforcement of environmental and traffic laws has resulted in a significant reduction in crime rates in Lagos. The agency’s efforts have made it difficult for criminals to operate, and this has led to a safer environment for residents. By attacking the agency, citizens are indirectly supporting criminal activities and making Lagos an unsafe place to live.

    Thirdly, the sentimental attacks against KAI are often unfounded and based on misinformation. The agency is often accused of being too harsh in enforcing laws, but this is not entirely true. The agency operates within the confines of the law, and its actions are necessary to maintain order in the state. Citizens should take the time to understand the agency’s mandate and the laws it enforces before making unfounded accusations.

    KAI is a government agency, and attacking it is an attack on the government itself. The government has put the agency in place to ensure that laws are enforced, and it is our responsibility as citizens to support the government’s efforts. By attacking the agency, citizens are undermining the government’s authority and sending the wrong message to other government agencies.
    In conclusion, it is imperative to stop sentimental attacks against KAI and support the agency in its efforts to make Lagos a better place. The agency’s mandate is to enforce environmental and traffic laws, and it is necessary for the common good. The agency’s efforts have also contributed to a safer Lagos, and any attacks against the agency are indirectly supporting criminal activities. It is also essential to note that the sentimental attacks against KAI are often unfounded and based on misinformation. Therefore, citizens should take the time to understand the agency’s mandate and the laws it enforces before making unfounded accusations.

    Jide Babalola, an Abuja-based journalist is a regular visitor to Lagos.


    Over the years, various individuals and corporate organizations have continued to contribute to the process of making the environment better. Most of these individuals and corporate organizations are often not noticed or recognized for their contributions to the environment. In view of this, the Lagos State Government through the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has instituted an environmental award tagged ‘’Lagos Green Award’’. The Lagos Green Award is designed to recognise individuals and corporate organisations who have contributed to making the Lagos Environment better.

    Lagos Green Award will recognize individuals, groups or businesses whose actions improved environmental resilience in the city of Lagos in the areas of:

    • Best Environmental Practices
    • Oil Spill Management
    • Health, Safety & Environmental Performance
    • Waste Prevention & Recycling
    • Solid Waste Treatment & Disposal
    • Emissions Control Technologies
    • Natural Resources Conservation
    • Innovation and Sustainable Solutions

    This level of recognition is competition-based, participating units will be assessed against separate sets of environmental performance criteria which may encompass some of those used in the assessment of the various sectors.

    (a) Construction Industry;
    (b) Property Management;
    (c) Transport and Logistics;
    (d) Retailers;
    (e) Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering Companies;
    (f) Financial Institutions; and
    (g) NGOs and Public sector
    (H) Industry
    (I) Media

    Entries must clearly identify an environmental initiative and how it had or continues to have a positive impact on Lagos’s Environment.
    Entries could be submitted to:

    The Permanent Secretary,
    Office of Environmental Service,
    Ministry of the Environment,
    Block 16, The Secretariat Annex,
    Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos
    Alternatively, you can email – lagosstateministryoftheenviron@gmail.com, alasisi@lagosstate.gov.ng,

    The closing date for entries is May 20, 2023.


    In furtherance of the quest for a cleaner and healthier Lagos, the Lagos State Government on Wednesday sought the participation of the local communities as it Launched the model community recyclable management project.

    Speaking during the launching at the headquarters of the Ifako Ijaiye Local Government, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Dr Omobolaji Gaji said the recycling initiative is one of the fulfillment of the present Administration’s THEMES Agenda serving as Environmental Sanitation Advocacy and Economic Empowerment Program for the people of Lagos.

    He said the continuous increase in population with corresponding increase in generation of waste has necessitated the need for a paradigm shift in solid waste management in the State necessitating the establishment and promotion of effective recycling of all recyclables which has become inevitably the way to go.

    Gaji represented by the Director Sanitation Services, Office of Environmental Services, Dr. Hassan Sanuth said that the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources in collaboration with Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government and Community Development Council (CDC) is committed to promoting the Community Recyclables management project in Ifako-Ijaiye Local Government adding that the project will ensure the removal of used pet bottles and plastics from Ifako Ijaiye and its environs.

    PIX 3352 L-R .HOD Environmental Health Office, Ifako-Ijaiye LCDA, Dr.Cyril Akiyele, Rep of Ifako Ijaiye LCDA Chairman and HOD Agric and Community Affairs, Mrs Mutiat Oyafunke, Rep of PS, Office of Environmental Services and Director Environmental Services,Dr Hassan Sanuth, Rep of Street Waste Company limited and recipient of Model Tricycle Plastic Waste collector in Ifako-Ijaiye LCDA , Ms Omoh Adekemi and Chairman CDC Ifako Ijaiye, Pastor Samuel Opajobi, during the presentation of tricycle plastic waste collector for Community recycle project in Ifako-Ijaiye LCDA, held on 22nd, March 2023, at Ifako-Ijaiye LCDA Secretariat.

    The Permanent Secretary said the project in Ifako community entails the placement of eight steel mesh receptacles at strategic locations where citizens of the community are encouraged to drop off used PET bottles and containers adding that the launching at Ifako is the second as the pilot scheme located within the Complex of the Ministry in Alausa was launched in the year 2020.

    PIX 3356 L-R .HOD Environmental Health Office, Ifako-Ijaiye LCDA, Dr.Cyril Akiyele, Rep of Ifako Ijaiye LCDA Chairman and HOD Agric and Community Affairs, Mrs Mutiat Oyafunke, Rep of PS Office of Environmental Services and Director Sanitation service, Dr Hassan Sanuth presenting a model tricycle to Ms Omo Adekemi

    He mentioned that the gospel of waste sorting from the source, was gradually gaining ground as individual pickers of recyclable items have increased while recycling firms are continually springing up and final off-takers are getting busier with every one harvesting their income, along the waste management value- chain.

    “it is important to note that the successful implementation of the project will result in a cleaner and healthier environment and the elimination of solid waste from drainages preventing clogging and flooding” He said.

    In his welcome Address, the Chairman Ifako Ijaiye Local Government Hon. Usman Hamzat commended the State Government for finding the Local Government worthy to be the first to benefit from the community recyclables management project.

    He pledged that the Local Government will ensure that advocacy is stepped up to ensuring a clean and healthy environment by introducing sustainable initiatives to meet the recycling and waste management needs of residents in the community.


    Kunle Adeshina
    Director (Public Affairs)
    MOE &WR

    March 22nd 2023


    Lagos State Government on Monday issued a fresh Update to all waterfront residents of highbrow Ikoyi, Lekki, and Victoria Island and coastal areas of Epe and Badagry to be wary of backflow due to the high tide in the Lagos lagoon.

    In a statement signed by the State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, he explained that the latest advisory had become necessary due to the high tide of the Lagos Lagoon.

    Bello stressed that the high tide of the lagoon has made it difficult for storm run-off from the various channels to discharge effectively into the lagoon which may cause a stagnation into the streets and major roads until the level of the lagoon subsides to allow for a discharge of the channels

    He described the trending video of the water level under the Third Mainland Bridge almost being filled to the brim as FAKE NEWS, stating that the video only captures the Oworonshoki end of the 3rd Mainland Bridge which is normal because the area is a deck on pile.

    He cautioned people especially those on social media against sending panicky messages across to residents in order to create unnecessary anxiety amongst the people.

    The statement advised all the residents of the affected areas in Lagos Island and other coastal areas to monitor the incidental rains regularly, ensure situational awareness at all times, refrain from dumping refuse in the drains and clean their tertiary drains regularly

    He reiterated the earlier flood advisory issued by the State to the effect that all those on the banks of Ogun River especially residents of Ketu, Alapere, Agric, Owode Onirin, Ajegunle, Alagbole, Kara, Isheri Olowora, Araromi, Otun Orisha community, Agiliti, Maidan, Mile 12, Odo Ogun, Owode Elede, Agboyi1, Agboyi II, Agboyi II, and Agboyi III remain vigilant at these periods.

    He stressed that the State has embarked on and is continuing massive drainage clearance and the construction of new channels in addition to continuous deployment of the quick response Emergency Flood Abatement Gang to free up manholes and black spots to ensure the optimum capacity of the drains to contain run-offs.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director, Public Affairs
    MOE @ WR


    The Lagos State Government on Saturday joined the rest of the world to mark World Clean Up Day, sensitizing local communities on proper Sanitation to improve good hygiene behaviours.

    Speaking during the sensitization campaign and clean-up exercise held at Alausa Village, Ikeja, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Gaji Omobolaji said the exercise is about galvanizing residents to clean up and sanitize their immediate environment.

    PIX 092912 /092853 L-R: Director Environmental Sanitation Services, Dr. Hassan Sanuth, Director Monitoring Enforcement and Compliance,Mr Elias Fasasi, Baale, Alausa Community in Ikeja, High Chief Toyin Badmus, Representative of the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services and Director Environmental Education Unit, Mrs Mosurat Banire and Deputy Director Environmental Sanitation, Mr Tokunbo Lasisi, during the year 2022 World Clean up Day, held on the 17th of September 2022, at Alausa community, Ikeja, Lagos.

    The Permanent Secretary who spoke through the Director, of Environmental Education, Mrs. Monsurat Banire said the exercise is a global social action program that was first observed in Estonia, a European country in 2018 and aimed at combating the global solid waste problem including the problem of marine waste.

    He added that the environment needs people just as people need the environment because there is strong correlation between sanitation and health problems such as malaria, diarrhea, cholera and death.

    According to him, it behoves all to collectively contribute their quota in achieving and ensuring environmental sustainability.

    Gaji, stated that the exercise this year focused on cleaning and sensitization the residents of Alausa stressing that participants commenced the exercise from the Ministry of the Environment premises and cleaned up trash as they walk along Governor’s Avenue through LASEPA through Kafi street to Jogunosimi Makinde and Odewale communities where intensive cleaning took place.

    He explained that as a result of the large and increasing population in the state, waste generation is an unavoidable aspect of man’s activities and should be well managed.

    “Everyone present is expected to put in his or her full dedication into today’s exercise to ensure the complete clean up of the designated areas as it is a clarion call that has the full backing of Mr Governor and the Honourable Commissioner”, he said.

    He commended the Baale, lya Oloja, Volunteer Groups, NGOs, CDAs, Community members, Marketers, Artisans and all other participants present for the success of the exercise, saying they are the vanguards of the environment.

    He urged all residents to emulate the gesture in order to ensure adequate protection of the environment which will in turn result in the sustainable development of Lagos State.

    In his welcome address, the Director of Sanitation Services, Dr Hassan Sanuth appealed to residents to always take sanitation as a civic responsibility and ensure the regular clean-up of their immediate environment.

    He said if the State is to become a healthy and productive society capable of contributing to the nation’s long-term development, then everyone must understand that environmental sanitation must not be taken for granted and appreciate why it is very important.

    In his remarks, the Baale of Alausa Land, High Chief Toyin Badmus expressed appreciation to the government for the initiative and called on residents to support the government to sustain the culture of consistent clean-up of their environment as well as make it an everyday attitude.

    He enjoined everyone to bear in mind that cleanliness is next to Godliness, adding that unhealthy practices in the environment could lead to contamination and diseases.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Director Public Affairs
    MOE &WR
    September 17, 2022


    The Lagos State Government on Tuesday advocated Environmental Attitudinal change among residents in coastal communities.

    Such attitudinal change includes abstinence from all forms of environmental pollution and encroachments in coastal communities in the state.

    Speaking during an advocacy meeting held at Makanjuola Hall, Lagos State University, LASU, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Environmental Services, Dr Omobolaji Gaji said the programme was part of effort towards creating awareness on the importance of preserving coastal communities and maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

    PIX 7373 L-R: Rep of the PS, Office of Drainage Services, Engr. Akinyode Abiodun, Rep. of the PS, Office of Environmental Services and Director Environmental Sanitation Services, Dr. Hassan Sanuth, Director, Environmental Education Unit, Mrs Monsurat Banire, and Guest Lecturer, Director, Environmental Assessment dept. Dr. Olasunkanmi Sojinu during the one day Environmental Education Advocacy meeting on Attitudinal Change in Coastal Communities held at Makanjuola Hall, Lagos State University, LASU, Ojo on the 13th, Sept, 2022.

    Gaji represented by the Director, Sanitation Services, Office of Environmental Services, Dr Hassan Sanuth explained that Coastal communities in the recent past provided a great advantage to humanity
    based on its contribution to the food supply chain.

    He explained that coastal regions are important features in the landscape that provide numerous beneficial services for human, fish and wildlife adding that,
    some of these services and functions include protecting and improving water quality, providing food and maintaining surface water flow during dry periods.

    He said the anthropogenic activities of residents in coastal communities in the State following constant pollution and encroachment in various forms threatens
    the ecosystems.

    PIX 7362..L-R: Representative of the Chairman, Ojo LG, Hon. Joel Todonu, Rep of the PS, Office of Drainage Services, Engr. Akinyode Abiodun, Rep of the PS, Office of Environmental Services and Dir. Environmental Sanitation Services, Dr. Hassan Sanuth, Director, Environmental Educ Unit, Mrs Monsurat Banire, and Guest Lecturer, Director, Environmental Assessment, Dr Olasunkanmi Sojinu at Environmental Advocacy meeting on Attitudinal Change in Coastal areas held at LASU on Wed.

    He highlighted the activities to include indiscriminate disposal of industrial and Human waste dumped on wetlands and River banks stating that everyone must be encouraged to commit to proactively improve coastal communities.

    Gaji said communities in Ojo, Ikorodu, Ibeju Lekki, Badagry, Apapa were at great risks and sensitive to these prevailing environmental issues adding that danger looms if human attitude to the environment is not appropriately checked.

    “We all need to take a recourse in ensuring compliance to effective and efficient waste management, waste water storage and disposal, sanitary tank construction and management” he said.

    He opined that imbibing the required environmentally appropriate attitude is a task for everyone irrespective of status or placement in the society.

    Giving an overview on the surveillance carried out in Tedi, Ijede and Ariyo communities all in Ojo Local Government, the Director Environmental Education Unit, Mrs Monsurat Banire said it was discovered that most septic tanks in these communities were poorly constructed hence water from the septic tanks are discharged directly into the drainage channels and roads contaminating the
    water bodies and the aquifer.

    She said there is no better time than now to scale-up the level of awareness as it affects residents in the Ojo Local Government and other coastal areas of the State towards enlightening residents on the importance of attitudinal change and the development of great respect and value to the environment.

    The Guest lecturer, Director Environmental Assessment in the Office of Environmental Services, Dr Olasunkanmi Sojinu said the Earth is the only planet that supports human existence hence the need to ensure that it is not destroyed.

    He mentioned tree felling, open defecation, bush burning, indiscriminate refuse disposal as a few of human activities that are affecting the earth while advicing residents to desist from these activities and ensure their commitment to sustainable environment.



    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs)

    MOE &WR

    14th September, 2022


    As heavy rainfall intensifies leading to flash floods, Lagos State Government on Tuesday renewed its warning to owners of all structures on drainage alignments and setbacks to please relocate to higher grounds.

    The State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello in a statement on Tuesday said many of such buildings have already been marked in Mende, Maryland and Aboru in Alimosho for contraventions on drainage alignments and may soon be demolished.

    He added that it is regrettable that after several of such warnings, the residents of the areas have refused to move but would rather resort to cheap blackmail of having nowhere to relocate to.

    Bello, who spoke against the background of a viral video of some people being rescued in Mende, emphasized that the area is a lowlying flood plain as attested to by the ODS markings on all the buildings in the viral video just as it is the drainage route for all the water coming from Agindigbi, Oregun, Opebi, Allen, GRA, Maryland up to Ogudu Foreshore.

    He said now is the time for the residents of all such areas in the state to hearken to the voice of reason by relocating to safeguard lives and properties.

    While pleading for calm from all residents, he stated that the drainages have the capacity to contain water runoff when the rain stops just as it is happening already.

    Bello said the heavy torrential rainfall which started in the early hours of Monday and still continued on Tuesday afternoon has caused flash floods in many areas.

    He reiterated his assurance that a minimum of four hours after the rainfall ceases, the water level in the lagoon will go down, allowing water from major collectors to flow into it and enabling all flood water that may have inundated our roads and streets to leave the streets.

    He stated that one constant factor that should be borne in mind always about Lagos is that it is a coastal city with over one third of its land mass under water.

    Bello said part of the proactive measures which the state has embraced is the all year round cleaning, clearing and outright construction of drainage channels that have increased their capacity to contain water and silt.

    He said the measure has helped in mitigating the effects the flash floods would have had on lives and properties.

    He said additionally, men of quick rapid response drainage team named Emergency Flood Abatement Gang (EFAG) have continued to clean dark spots and free manholes across all primary, secondary and tertiary drains.

    He said going by the rainfall projections advisory issued by the Nigerian Meteorological Services NIMET early in the year, Lagos was projected to be among the moderately projected to be affected by flooding this year.

    He reiterated the dangers inherent in people wadding through floods especially with high currents during rainfalls, warning that people and vehicles could be swept away in such situations.

    Kunle Adeshina
    Dir. (Public Affairs)
    13th of September, 2022


    As State hosts 9th Climate Change Summit

    Lagos State Government on Tuesday convened the 9th edition of the Climate Change Summit, advocating higher investment by everyone in the realization of the Climate Action Plan.

    This position was espoused by the State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu who spoke through his Deputy, Dr. Kadri Obafemi Hamzat at the Continental Hotel, VI, said the State Action Plan launched last year has started reaping great and impactful rewards, saying that Government, has instituted several adaptation programmes to ensure that citizens are shielded from the effects of Climate Change.

    “In just a year, the Lagos Climate Action Plan has started to reap great rewards, an example of such is the recently awarded grant to Lagos State Waterways Authority to improve the State’s ferry services to provide a multi-model transport network for Lagos thereby reducing commuters and greenhouse gas emissions associated with on-road transportation” he emphasized.

    L-R Permanent Secretary Office of Drainage Services and Water Resources, Engr. Lekan Shodeinde, his counterpart in Office of Environmental Services, Omobola Gaji, former Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, First Lady of Lagos State, Dr. Mrs, Ibijoke Sanwo-Olu, representative of Lagos State Governor and Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat Honourable Commissioner for The Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello, Chairman (APC) Lagos State, Pastor Cornelius Ojelabi, Special Adviser on Drainage and Water Resources Engr. Joe Igbokwe and Vice Chancellor, Lagos State University (LASU) Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, at the Lagos State, 9th International Climate Change Summit opening ceremony held on 2nd of August 2022, at Lagos Continental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.


    Sanwo-Olu said the State understands the symbiosis between the effects of climate change and the persistence of violence against women and as such has identified several adaptation initiatives to address gender-specific impacts.

    “We are in constant discussion with our development partners and donor organizations to find solutions and ways to better adapt to climate impacts especially as it affects women, children, and people with disabilities in terms of provision of water; food security; energy and healthcare services,” he said.

    He added that the collaboration cannot go far without the engagement and tangible actions of the private sector because they are critical players in the climate action space, saying the two parties can mobilize public and private sector finance to drive the net-zero transition.

    The Governor implored participants to look critically into sectors such as Waste, Transportation, Energy, Housing and Food systems for the proper economic dimension, meeting global environmental and social standards and ecosystem restoration targets.

    According him: “Global climate change is not a future problem. It is affecting every country in every continent. It is disrupting national economies and affecting lives, costing people, communities and countries dearly”.

    He cited the example of the United Kingdom which has been experiencing increased temperature, resulting in wildfires across the country with attendant loss of several farmlands, homes and livelihood of individuals, adding that wildfires in California, United States of America and other terrible natural disasters happening in China, India, Turkey and Australia, are indications that climate change impact knows no boundaries.

    He reiterated that Lagos being a littoral state is often inundated by flash floods due to an increase in sea level rise but soon disappears after few hours as compared to other affected States in the Nation.

    He reaffirmed that both the public and private sectors in Lagos must adopt the Lagos Climate Action Plan with the aim of incorporating plan, programme and actions that will set Lagos on a pathway for carbon neutrality and increased adaptation for her populace.

    He said that Climate action and sustainability have to be integrated at the heart of growth strategies, investment plans and institutional structures to facilitate the flow of public and private finance.

    “As a frontline State, we are always looking at making things better. That is why my government will be supporting the Youth also to drive this Change. The Youth have a central role of driving innovative climate technologies to adapt to the impacts of climate change” he noted.

    He revealed that this year’s event is featuring for the first time a Poster Competition for innovate solutions to tackle the impacts of Climate Change adding that come year 2023 at the 10th Lagos International Climate Change Summit, there is expectation that we will celebrate several grand innovative solutions to adapt to climate impacts.

    According to him, The times ahead requires accelerating investments in sustainable infrastructure, supported by clear strategies and programme, this will be the central driver of the new growth approach.

    Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tunji Bello in his welcome address said this event over the years has served as a conveyor of opinions and suggestions on how to manage our planet against the deadly impact of Climate Change with special attention to our dear Lagos.

    He said it has become more expedient for all parties, government, leaders of thought, organized private sector and individuals to embark on deliberate and consistent efforts to combat the Climate Change crisis.

    “There is a need for accelerated development and adoption of innovative climate technologies, likewise business models and financial mechanisms to support green economic growth,” he said.

    He said the theme for this year’s summit “Integrating Climate Actions in Lagos State Development: Investment Opportunities and Trade-offs’’ demonstrates the government’s commitment to Climate Action and how new vistas of opportunities can be opened.

    He said Government recognizes the impact of the organized private sector on economic growth in Lagos and the commitment of the Government to mainstream climate action in the next phase of the developmental agenda of Lagos State saying, it is affirmative action in support of the role of the private sector in mitigating the effects of climate change.

    He disclosed that Lagos is the only State in the Country that has developed and commenced the implementation of her Climate Action Plan in Nigeria adding that the Plan highlighted 26 initiatives across adaptation and mitigation actions to advance a sustainable low carbon economy to achieve net zero by the Year 2050.

    He also disclosed that the State Government through the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has signed up to the £15m UKAID Climate Action Implementation Programme, which will support cities to accelerate the implementation from their Climate Action Plans (CAPs).

    He emphasized that Lagos State is at an advanced stage of completing work on the Lagos Climate Adaptation and Resilient Plan (CARP) as the State prepares for the forthcoming Conference of Parties 27 (COP 27) in Egypt in November.

    He added that this document will project the state’s need on the adaptation level and also serves as one of the bargaining documents for collaboration and support from International Donor Agencies and investors.

    He noted that Climate Actions require significant investments and it is also a known fact that the economic cost of Climate Change far exceeds the cost of action adding that the Ministry is forward-looking with her collaborative efforts with the private sector in order to maximize the inherent benefits of climate action.

    The 9th Lagos State Climate Change Summit which had in attendance Investors, Academia, Scientist, Environmental enthusiasts, Climate Change analysts, Students, and other Stakeholders continues on Wednesday.