• Otedola Bridge Drainage Works: LASG Urges Motorists’ Cooperation

    The Lagos State Government has urged Motorists plying Otedola under bridge to cooperate with Traffic Officials as traffic under the bridge will be narrowed to a single lane for four days, starting from Wednesday 15th March 2017 when the excavation works of the on-going construction of Omole Jubilee Estate/Agiliti drainage channel commences.

    The excavation works are to give room for the construction of culverts to de-flood Omole, Magodo, Shangisha, Agiliti, Mile 12, Otedola under bridge and part of Alausa.

    Motorists are hereby enjoined to drive carefully and maintain a single lane, starting from the commencement date of the excavation works.

    Lagosians are assured of the determination of the Lagos State Government to ensure a flood-free Lagos.



    Mukaila Sanusi

    Head, Public Affairs & Research

    Ministry of the Environment

    13th March, 2017

  • LASG Assures Residents On Rainfall

    The Lagos State Government has assured residents that it will do everything possible to ensure that the reports of high rainfall which may result in flash flooding in some communities along Ogun-Osun River and the adverse weather predictions by the Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NiMET) do not impact negatively on the citizens.

    The Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare stated this during a media chat on Year 2017 Seasonal Rainfall Predictions and its Socio-Economic Implications for Lagos State at the weekend.


    The Nigeria Meteorological Agency in its 2017 Annual Rainfall Predictions released recently had alerted that there would be an increased frequency of extreme weather events which connote that year 2017 would likely experience days with extremely high rainfall amounts which would result in flash flooding.


    Adejare said according to NiMET predictions, Lagos rainfall amount was expected to have a normal rainfall amount while neighbouring States like Ogun and Oyo would have above normal rainfall.


    According to the Commissioner, the predictions indicated that that Lagos would have an early rainfall onset date by 3-7 days range while flooding was expected to occur within communities residing along the course of the Ogun-Osun River in the State as a result of the above the normal rainfall from Ogun and Oyo.


    He mentioned that Ikeja in Lagos, according to the predictions, was expected to have a rainfall onset date of 18th March with a margin of error of three days while its cessation date was expected to be 3rd of December. Ikeja would also have about 260 days of rainfall and about 1362mm of rainfall in year 2017 as compared to an actual of 170 days and about 1000-1250mm of rainfall in year 2016.


    Adejare said that the report indicated further that Lagos Island was expected to have a rainfall onset date of 20th March with a margin of error of three days while its cessation date is expected to be 7th of December. It is also expected that Lagos Island will have about 262 days of rainfall and about 1612mm of rainfall over the year.


    Adejare disclosed that the predictions of the Agency were valuable as vital weather and early warning tools for planners, decision makers and operators of the various sectors and businesses that might be impacted by the annual rainfall, if not well managed

    Re-assuring Lagosians on the issue of floods, especially in a coastal area like Lagos, the Commissioner said that it is natural that, “sometimes when it rains, we are likely to have flashfloods on our roads as normal occurrences all over the world. As long as the drains are clean, we should be assured that, in a matter of time, the flash flood will disappear.”

    According to him, it is only when flood remains on the roads for days that we can report that the place is flooded. It must be noted that, anytime the Lagoon level rises, it will “lock up” our drainage channels and until it recedes, there will be no discharge. Occurrences like these also cause backflows, resorting to flooding. But as soon as the Lagoon recedes, all the generated storm water will immediately discharge and our roads will be free.

    He disclosed, “The Lagos State Government has a long-established synergy and partnership with Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority and this has resulted to a moderated mutual control and monitoring of the steady and systematic release of water from Oyan and Ikere Gorge Dams by the Authority. This is a mutual relationship which we cherish and we shall continue to sustain.

    The Commissioner said that the low-lying Agiliti, Agboyi, Itowolo and Ajegunle communities in Lagos State are also being closely monitored with respect to the likelihood of Ogun River flooding.” The Ogun River is particularly monitored to ensure that the threshold or maximum level of 3.0 m above sea level is not achieved before the alarm of flooding is raised,

    According to him, the State has since last year embarked on massive clearing and dredging of primary and secondary channels/collectors in the State, expansion of existing drainage channels, in order to contain more storm water, lining of many earth channels, to ensure flow efficiency, strengthening of Resident Engineers/Drainage Maintenance Officers to oversee drainage matters in all our Local Government Areas/LCDA’s across the State and regular Monitoring and oversights of storm water.

    Adejare appealed to Lagosians to desist from acts that can lead to flooding, indiscriminate dumping of refuse in unauthorised places, clogging drains with silt or construction materials, erecting structures within and around drainage Right of Way and setbacks. According to him, “Lagosians are advised to report cases of blockages, dumping of waste into canals and other unauthorised places to our Resident Engineers.

    The Commissioner pointed out that the way to go this year is the Cleaner Lagos Initiative which will ensure a flood-free, hygienic and aesthetically beautiful environment,” adding, “Irrespective of the Seasonal Rainfall Prediction (SRP), we are preparing for the worst scenarios. He declared that, with the help of Almighty God and support of our people, no disaster shall visit us in Lagos. And we shall always keep to the promise of reducing incidences of flood to the barest minimum.”

    Adejare advised Lagosians who reside along flood plains, coastal and low-lying wetland areas near major rivers e.g. Ikorodu, Owode, Iwaya, Makoko, Badia, Ijora,  Isaalu, Pota, Shibiri etc, to always be on the alert and be ready to relocate, when the need arises.  He maintained that government shall, as usual, notify such residents at the appropriate time. He also urged motorists to observe prescribed speed limits during the rainy reason, to avoid loss of lives and property.

    The Commissioner urged advertising and communication agencies to be cautious and ensure the safety of billboards and telecommunication mast as a result of the strong winds expected during the onset and cessation of every rainfall.

    Similarly, he advised aviation industries to take note that the predicted harmattan will cause reduction in visibility which will lead to flight disruption and loss of revenue due to delays and cancellations.

    He remarked that all relevant security and emergency agencies would be adequately informed to be ever ready for any negative effects of flooding. ”All emergency agencies, traffic management agencies and other emergency related outfits will be put on the alert to assist in reducing the havoc that may arise from the incidents of flooding in the State.”

    Adejare assured Lagosians that that the officials of Lagos State Government are available to attend to Lagosians. “Our Drainage Engineers will be “on ground” and be available in all our 57 Local Governments and Council Development Areas to attend to all our needs, during and after the rainy season.”

  • Lagos Government Appeals to Public on Disruption of Water Supply

    The Lagos State Government has again appealed to the citizenry to bear with her as they experience disruption of water supply in some parts of the State, which is caused by shortage in supply of gas to Akute Independent Power Plant (IPP).

    The Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare who made the appeal in a press statement in his office, also added that the inadequate supply of water was also as a result of gas pipelines vandalization at the Niger Delta Region of the Country, as this adversely affected the production at its various Water facilities across the State.

    According to him, “as a responsible and responsive government that wants succor for its citizenry, we are working tirelessly to get connected to the National Grid to ensure that an alternative power supply is restored to its power plants within a short while.”

    The Commissioner noted that the main concern of the government is to increase the supply of water due to the ever increasing population of Lagos, as a commercial nerve centre of the nation. He said “as at 2010, the daily water demand by residents was 500 million gallons per day while daily supply was 210 million gallons per day. There is therefore a short fall of 290 million gallons per day.”

    According to him, “It has been projected that BY 2020, the daily consumption demand will be 733 million gallons per day as the daily supply per day will be 745 gallons per day and thereby having excess of 12 million gallons per day. It is expected that planned expansion of Iju, Adiyan 1-3 Isasi, Ikosi, Odomola 1 and 2 will ameliorate the situation”

    Adejare stated that in order to optimize the distribution of water in some areas, the Corporation is introducing the Water Distribution Kiosk System by creating Centralized Water Points to purchase potable water at a substantially cheaper price by Water Vendors. This is a new innovation in Nigeria and is meant to complement the 5Km reticulation and the existing network.

    While urging Lagosians to exercise patience on the supply of potable water, the Commissioner appealed to the people of the state to report anyone found tampering /vandalizing Water Corporation Power Plants within the state to report such to the government through the State Water Corporation.

    Adejare further stated that indiscriminate and unhealthy laying of water pipes across drains, patronage of unlicensed and unapproved water vendors are unacceptable. He described such practices as avenues for spreading of water borne diseases such as cholera, diarrhea etc. thereby increasing mortality rate.

    Yusuf Bolarinwa

  • Lagos Lifts Restriction Order for NABTEB Exams on Saturday

    The Lagos State Government has lifted the restriction order on human and vehicular movement during the May Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise in order to allow for free movement of examination materials and also for Students, Invigilators and other Stakeholders to participate effectively in the National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) Examination expected to be held across the Nation on Saturday, May 28, 2016.

    The Honourable Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare who announced this in a press statement, however, urged Lagosians to still observe the monthly exercise by cleaning their homes and clear the drains in their neighbourhood so as to prevent flooding in the State and to allow free flow of water as the raining reason gathers momentum. He stressed that the monthly cleaning exercise will resume next month.
    The Commissioner said that it became imperative for the State Government to waive the restriction order so as to not jeopardize the future of the candidates whose counterparts in other parts of the federation will write the same examination.

    “As a responsible and responsive government, we value the education of our children very dearly and therefore resolved to relax the order in the interest of the future leaders of tomorrow,” Dr Adejare added.

    According to him, “As we are all aware, Lagos is a Coastal City that has high water table levels and prone to flooding whenever it rains. We must therefore imbibe habits which will reduce to the barest minimum the incidence of flooding in the State”. The Commissioner enjoined Lagosians to shun acts that could aggravate the adverse global climatic conditions, noting that “people should not dump waste in unauthorized places like canals and drainage channels.

    He said that the target of the state this year is to sustain past record of flood abatement, thus making it possible for the State not to experience flooding as in the past years, adding that, “this can only be achieved through effective collaboration of the people.”

    He said that the issue of sanitation has become very critical, especially with the geometrical population explosion in the state, adding that the regular clean-up for a healthier, cleaner and Sustainable Environment has become a matter of survival for residents.

    He urged the residents, to ensure that their environment is kept clean at all times and free from storm water stagnation, which could also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other health hazards.

    Adejare advised Lagosians not to patronize cart pushers who end up dumping the wastes into canals and Lagoons adding they should dispose their waste through LAWMA/PSP Operators. ‘’ This is how we can all assist to make the state deflooding programme a success.’’

    He disclosed that the state government has embarked on continuous clearing, maintenance and dredging of canals across the state to preempt the incidences of flooding.

    The Commissioner advised residents of the State to desist from dumping waste arbitrarily into the drainage channels and canals in order to maintain a flood-free Lagos. He also warned residents who still patronize cart pushers to desist from the illegal act as it is still an offence.

    Tunde Awobiyi
    Ministry of the Environment

  • Sanitation Not Cancelled, Holds on Saturday

    The Lagos State Government has again emphasised that the Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise has not been cancelled. Restriction of human and vehicular movement across the state between the hours of 7.00am -10.000am also remains in force.

    The Commissioner for the Environment, Dr. Babatunde Adejare, who announced this in a press statement also urged residents to troop out in large numbers and participate actively in the sanitation exercise by cleaning their homes, gutters, drains as well as their frontages, emphasizing that the period of environmental sanitation is not meant for any social and sporting engagements but for a serious cleaning exercise.

    The Commissioner advised residents of the State to desist from dumping waste arbitrarily into the drainage channels and canals in order to attain a flood-free Lagos, warning residents who still patronize cart pushers to desist from the illegal act.

    He re-assured the people of the State that government is determined and committed to attain a sustainable environment, urging Lagosians to key in into the Governor’s vision of a cleaner Lagos by abstaining from bad environmental habits such as open defecation and urination, littering the highways.

    The Commissioner restated that the Zero tolerance to street trading and all environmental abuses is in place to take the cleanliness of the Lagos megacity to a comparable level with its peers anywhere in the world, adding that Government will continue to maintain sanity in our markets now dotted with all manners of shanties and illegal structures, like attachments to tenements and containers. He warned that if they were not removed within the stipulated time they will be demolished and tenements harboring them will be penalized according to relevant laws in the state.

    Dr. Adejare directed to the PSP Waste Managers to join hands with the administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode in its commitment to rid the state of filth and ensure a cleaner and healthier environment, stressing that a clean and healthy environment is capable of attracting more investors to boost the economy of the state. He urged the waste managers to respond to their responsibilities of clearing the waste generated by the citizenry in the state.

    According to him, Lagosians must shun the habits of indiscriminate dumping of refuse on the roads, highways and drainages but imbibe the habit of proper bagging of wastes for easy collection by the operators.

    For the attainment of total compliance with the restriction order and to ensure full involvement of Lagosians in the sanitation exercise, Dr. Adejare cautioned inter-state transport operators and workers to comply with the restriction order, warning that anyone caught violating the order, whether passengers or driver will be apprehended and prosecuted according to the State Environmental Sanitation Laws.

    Adejare disclosed that the Law Enforcement Agencies, including the Nigerian Police Force and officials from LASTMA and KAI have been fully mobilized to enforce the restriction order on vehicular movement, emphasizing that any violators caught will also be prosecuted according to the State Environmental Sanitation Laws.

    He sought the cooperation and support of the people of the State for the administration of Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode to deliver a progressive and economically viable State.
    Tunde Awobiyi
    Public Affairs & Research
    Ministry of the Environment

  • Lagos Holds June Monthly Sanitation Exercise on Saturday 27th June 2015

    The Lagos State Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise for the month of June with its attendant restriction of human and vehicular Activities will hold between the hours of 7:00am-10am on Saturday 27th June, 2015.

    According to Engr. Ayodeji Adenekan, the Permanent Secretary, Office of Drainage Services, Lagosians are advised to actively participate in the Sanitation Exercise as the State Government further implored residents to clean their drains/canals thoroughly in view of anticipated heavy rains in the state.

    He said that the Ministry of the Environment is intensifying its mid rain dredging, cleaning and maintenance of drainage channels across the state as part of its strategies to reduce the incidence of flooding.

    “Lagosians must however, desist from dumping refuse in drainage channels and acts compromising drainage alignment, such as building and erection of structures on drainage setbacks among others. The essence is to allow easy passage of rainstorm which is the ultimate goal of this our clearing and cleaning of our drainage channels/canals”, he stressed.

    He therefore advised entire Lagosians to be on the alert, but not panic as the state Government has put in place measures to contain flooding challenges in the State.

    Engr. Adenekan warned residents who still patronize cart pushers to desist from the act as it is against the waste management policy of the State Government, adding that whatever refuse they collect are always dumped inside canals which eventually causes flooding.

    He also warned interstate Bus Operators, Luxurious Bus Operators, State Transport Owners and Road Transport Workers Association to comply with the restriction of Human/vehicular movement order between 7.00am-10.00am as any vehicle caught violating this order will be dealt with appropriately, while passengers in such vehicles will be prosecuted according to the State Sanitation Laws.

    The Permanent Secretary appealed to Lagosians to join hands with State Government in its effort to rid the state of all forms of environmental abuses.

    He further assured that Law Enforcement Agencies including Nigerian Police and officials from LAWMA, LASTMA and KAI have been fully mobilized to enforce the non-restriction of movement order and warned that offenders will be prosecuted according to the State Sanitation Laws.

    Fola Adeyemi

  • November Sanitation Exercise Holds In Lagos On Saturday, 29th November 2014

    The statewide Lagos Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise for November comes up on Saturday 29th November, 2014 across the State between the hours of 7:00am-10am.

    Tunji Bello urged Lagosians to participate actively in the exercise through the cleaning of their homes, drains, and totality of their environment.

    He noted that regular cleaning of the environment hold the key to a healthy living and prosperous life.

    In view of Global Climatic uncertainties, which is evident in the incessant rainfall which we are still experiencing till date, the state Government had kept faith with its all-rear-round de-flooding
    programme as the Drainage Construction/Maintenance Department and Emergency Flood Abatement Department had intensified massive cleaning and maintenance of channels across the state, in order to reduce to the barest minimum, the incidence of flooding.

    Tunji Bello emphasized that, the State Government remains unwavering in its commitment to a clean, hygienic and flood free environment and therefore urged Lagosians to desist from indiscriminate dumping of refuse into drains and unapproved sites especially now that global warming has broken nation’s barriers and boundaries, as well as does not respect Nationalities.

    The Commissioner for the Environment warned residents who still patronize cart pushers to desist from this illegal act as the scope of the PSP Operators had been increased to further accommodate more residents of the State.

    To ensure full participation as well as total compliance to the restriction order, Mr. Tunji Bello warned Private /Commercial vehicle operators, interstate Bus Operators, State Transport Owners and Road Transport Workers Association to comply with the restriction of vehicular movement order between 7.00am-10.00am as any vehicle caught violating this order would be dealt with appropriately, while passengers in such vehicles would also be prosecuted according to the State Sanitation Laws.

    He also warned those who are in the habit of playing Football on the State Highways and Roads during Sanitation Exercise to henceforth desist from this unlawful act as law enforcement Agents had been instructed apply the full weight of the laws on offenders.

    He further assured that Law Enforcement Agencies including Nigerian Police and officials from KAI, LAWMA, LASTMA had been fully mobilized to enforce the non-restriction of movement order and warned that violators would be prosecuted according to the State Sanitation Laws.

    Fola Adeyemi
    Ministry of the Environment.
    November 25, 2014

  • 2013 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction LAGS Reassures Residents

    Following NIMET’s release of 2013 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction(SRP) which predicted heavy rainfall of high intensity for Lagos, the Lagos State Government has reassured Lagosians,asking them not to panic. The Commissioner for the Environment, Tunji Bello stated at a press conference to sensitize the media on the implications of the Seasonal Rainfall Prediction for Lagos State that Lagosians should set their minds at rest in spite of the forecast of heavy rains. Continue reading 2013 Seasonal Rainfall Prediction LAGS Reassures Residents

  • Lagos Holds 5th Climate Change Summit March 13-15

    In the stride to combat effects of Climate Change, Lagos State Government holds the 5th edition of the Annual Climate Change Summit from Wednesday 13th to Friday 15th March,2013 at the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island-Lagos. The three day summit with the theme: Vulnerability And Adaptability To Climate Change In Nigeria: Lagos State Transportation, Housing And Infrastructure would afford participants from different sectors the opportunity of sharing experience and proffering solutions on climate change challenges. Continue reading Lagos Holds 5th Climate Change Summit March 13-15

  • Climate Change Biggest War Of Our Time – Fashola

    The Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN), has described the ravaging climate change as the biggest war of our time, stressing that “no war in human history has claimed as many lives as climate change has claimed”. Fashola stated this at the ongoing 5th Climate Change Summit in Lagos with the theme: Vulnerability and Adaptability to Climate Change in Nigeria: Lagos State Transportation, Housing and Infrastructural Sectors in Focus”. Fashola added, “it is a war we need to fight together and I am sure that if we fight together, the human civilization will win, climate change is not new, what is new is our knowledge about it and what we do about it”.

    Continue reading Climate Change Biggest War Of Our Time – Fashola