• LAGOS SYMPATHIZES WITH RESIDENTS ON THURSDAY TORRENTIAL RAINFALL ……..Urges adequate preparation for heavy rainfalls in July as well as September

    Lagos State Government on Friday sympathized with all residents of the state for the torrential rainfalls of the last two days and its resultant dislocations.

    In a press statement signed by the State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Tunji Bello, he expressed his sympathy to those whose properties were damaged and those who were displaced by the flash flood.

    He explained that because Lagos is a coastal city, the heavy rainfall of Thursday which commenced from Wednesday brought about a back flow from the Lagoon which caused the flash flood experienced all over.

    He added that some four hours after the cessation of the downpour, the water level of the lagoon that was very high causing a back flow receded in several areas and allowed discharge from the various collectors.

    He reiterated that residents should be conscious that whenever it rains and the  high water level in the lagoon locks up the collectors thus preventing easy discharge into the lagoon, which ultimately leads to backflow of water into the streets.

    According to Mr Tunji Bello, ”Anytime it rains for hours, and the lagoon water rises, this often prevent our channels from discharging effectively’’, he reiterated.

    The Commissioner advised residents of the state in low- lying areas to always relocate from such areas when rainfall starts especially during the rainy season, saying this has become imperative to avert any loss of life and properties during such heavy downpours going forward.

    Bello stated that the pro-active and on-going cleaning and clearing of all Drainage channels in the state also facilitated the ease with which the flash flood disappeared into the channels after the rain falls of Thursday.

    He also reiterated his appeal to residents to desist from dumping refuse on drainage channels or encroaching on Right of Ways of canals, adding that it is regrettable that several of the canals that have been recently cleared and cleaned up are again been littered by residents.

    The Commissioner emphasized that more of such heavy rains will come in July as well September, stressing the need for all residents to be adequately prepared for it.


    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs)


  • LASG ALLAYS FEAR OF RESIDENTS OVER CONTINUOUS HEAVY RAINFALLS ….Announces schedule of water releases from Oyan River Dam

    The Lagos State Government on Tuesday allayed fears of some residents on continuous heavy downpour being experienced in the state, assuring that necessary measures are in place to effectively manage the flash floods that comes with it.

    The State  Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello who gave the assurance at a Press Briefing at Alausa, to explain measures already put in place for this year’s rainfall pattern, informed that additional heavy rainfall should be expected in July and September.

    He urged all residents of low lying areas like Agboyi Ketu, Ajegunle and several others to relocate from their residence now and not wait until they are trapped in by the rainfalls which may even cost loss of lives in addition to damage to properties.

    The commissioner also advised residents living along the plains of Ogun River to be on the alert and take necessary precautions as the Ogun Osun River Basin Authority which manages the Oyan River Dam will soon commence the seasonal water releases from the dam, stressing that the controlled water releases has become expedient as a result of weather forecast and the continuous heavy downpours.

    In his words, “In July, Five million cubic meters (MCM) will be released while by August, they will release 8 to 10 million cubic meters. In September, it will be increased to 18 million cubic meters while in October 23million cubic meters will be released which is the peak. Then by November  gradual reduction of water release to the tube  will be 11million cubic meters”.

    The commissioner noted  that from the  prediction of the Nigeria Meteorological Services NIMET, released early in the year, the increasing frequency of extreme weather events indicated that year 2020 will likely experience days with extremely high rainfall amounts which may result in flooding.

    He stated State that the volume of rainfall would be very high in June as its being experienced now and will run into July and September, urging Lagosians not to entertain fears because the State Government has mapped out strategies to contain flooding that may be experienced as result of heavy rainfalls.

    According to him, “the State Government is presently working on 222 secondary channels out of which 146 have been completed across the State just as 46 primary Channels are receiving attention presently in addition to the efforts of the Emergency Flood Abatement Gangs (EFAG) that are being deployed round the state to undertake quick fix to free manholes or clogged up drains manually”.

    The Commissioner  assured members of the public particularly residents of  Aguda, Shomolu, Surulere, Oworonshoki and Idi Oro that  contractors are already working on all the channels in the area stating that cleaning usually starts from the lower stream before it’s get to the upper stream and that the same applies in Aguda, were dredging is moving gradually and would reach all the areas adjourning LUTH Idi Araba and Ishaga which are all parts of System 6c.

    Bello mentioned Idi-Oro and Olosha in Mushin as areas experiencing issues because of indiscriminate refuse dumping and assured that the ministry was taking steps to tackle the problem of refuse dumping frontally in the area so that the drainage channels can work effectively adding that eight people were arrested at Idi Araba a few days ago for dumping waste indiscriminately into the canal while it was raining and that they will be prosecuted.

    He noted that government being aware of the reduced capacity of the Olusosun dumpsite and was in talk with the Ogun State Government for an alternative waste dumping site in Ogun State which can be jointly managed by the two states.

    He sounded a note of warning to those engaging in these unwholesome acts to desist saying that the Ministry had empowered its environmental enforcement agents to arrest and prosecute sanitation offenders in the state.

    Also speaking at the press briefing the Special Adviser on Drainage and Water Resources, Engr. Joe Igbokwe said the issue of flooding was not only peculiar to Nigeria because other countries of the world also experience flooding during the raining season.

    He mentioned that the situation where residents were allowed to erect shanties on drainage setbacks, dump refuse indiscriminately, block drainage channels and constitute nuisance to the neighborhood was unacceptable, stressing that the government would immediately enforce environmental laws to return to normalcy.

    Igbokwe urged Lagosians to embrace the waste to wealth initiative of the state where pet bottles and styrofoam can be sorted in exchange for stipend adding that in coming days, a commercially viable option would be found for styro foams.

    He also said that the State Government would not rest on its oars in ensuring that Lagosians inculcate the habit of regular maintenance of their immediate environment as doing so was our collective responsibility.

    The Special adviser thereafter advised Lagosians to be safety conscious during this period and urged them to take some safety measures such as avoid going out during the rains except only when it is absolutely necessary as well as being conscious when driving and do not over speed, ensuring that vehicles are in good condition and avoid driving through flooded areas as it might be difficult to ascertain its depth.

  • LASG ADVOCATES FOR PROPER USAGE OF FRESH WATER ………..Joins the Rest of The World To Celebrate World Water Day

    Lagos State Government on Sunday called on the people to pay attention to the importance of proper usage of freshwater to ensure availability and sustainable management of freshwater for all in the near future.

    A press statement issued in commemoration of the 2020 World Water Day Celebration from the office of the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello on Sunday said World Water Day is celebrated across the world yearly in order to increase the awareness among people about the importance, need and conservation of water with the focus on universal access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in line with the targets of SDG 6 by 2030. 

    He noted that the theme for this year being “Water & Climate Change” is apt at this time as climate change affect the water cycle change significantly  because when climate is warm more water evaporates from the surface of the earth and in turn a warmer atmosphere can hold more water.

    He explained that due to various factors such as population growth, industrialization and climate change, water resources across the world are under great pressure not only in terms of quantity but in terms of quality.

    The Commissioner reveals that the growing gap between natural water sources and demand for water necessitates treatment of waste water by means of appropriate technology and thereafter reuse of waste water in areas such agriculture, irrigation and energy.

    Climate change according to him, put pressure on drinking water supplies, food production, property values and increase in coastal flooding as most of the climate change impacts come down to water.

    He said the theme for this year “Water & Climate Change” and how the two are inextricably linked, adapting to the water effects of climate change will protect health and save lives explaining that sing water more efficiently will reduce the greenhouse gases.

    “The earth’s supply of freshwater is a renewable resource if it is managed properly, hence the need to protect it.  Freshwater is water that is useful or potentially useful to humans. It is important because it is needed for life to exist”.

    “It is time that people come together tackle the water crisis and address the reasons why so many people are being left behind adding that a lot people are still living without safe water with their households, schools, workplaces, farms and factories struggling to survive and thrive” he concluded.

    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs)

    MOE &WR

    March 20, 2020


    As part of continuing efforts to curtail the spread of Corona Virus, the Lagos State Government has partnered with construction giants, Julius Berger Plc to embark on the additional disinfecting and fumigation of some major roads in the state.

    Speaking at the flag off of the exercise at Iddo Bus Stop over the weekend, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Tunji Bello, said the gesture from Julius Berger Plc underscores the determination of the present administration to secure the lives of residents.

    He added that the state government will continue to adopt measures to ensure the COVID-19 pandemic does not spread in the state and means of community transmission is curtailed. 

    He commended Julius Berger for providing trucks and tankers with dispensers and some of the chemicals to engage in disinfecting the surfaces and hand railings at major bus stops and some of the major roads.

    Tunji Bello who was represented by the Director Sanitation Services, Dr Hassan Sanuth at the flag off, explained that the chemical being made us of for the exercise is a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and chlorine.

    He listed the areas to be disinfected as iddo Market- Costain- Oyingbo Iponrin, Bode Thomas- Orile and it’s environs. Yaba, Jibowu, Maryland, Ojuelegba through to Ojota.

    Other areas to be disinfected are Ikeja Under Bridge, Computer Village, Agidingbi Bus stop, Grammar School and Ojodu Berger.

    The exercise will also touch the Tafawa Balewa Square, Marina, CMS, Inner Marina, Tinubu Square, Glover Road, Sura Bus stop, Upper Campos Bus stop and Obalende Roundabout.

    Tunji Bello said the exercise has been designed to end by Monday and called on other well meaning corporate organisations to also come forward and give back to the state where they have been carrying out their businesses in whatever form they desire.


    Kunle Adeshina

    Director Public Affairs


    April 11, 2020


    Lagos State Government on Wednesday directed the suspension of on-going demolition of illegal structures on drainage alignments in Yaya Abatan to Obawole in Ogba, Lagos State.

    In a statement signed by the State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr Tunji Bello, the temporary suspension is in view of the ongoing Corona pandemic. 

    Tunji Bello said the demolition exercise was duly approved in February after several contravention notices had been issued to owners and occupiers of the structures.

    He added that the demolition exercise is part of the wholesome clearing and cleaning of Drainage channels and alignments by the State Government in readiness for the rainy season.

    He reiterated that with the ravaging Corona Virus pandemic and the need to maintain social distancing by all, a temporary halt is being applied to the exercise for now.

    The Commissioner added that after the COVID-19 pandemic must have been overcome, the exercise will be revisited by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources.


    Kunle Adeshina

    Director Public Affairs

    MOE &WR

    April 22, 2020


    In view of the increasing prevalence of plastic waste and its negative effect on the environment in recent years, the Lagos State Government  is set to put in place policy guidelines for Plastic utility to ensure a sustainable management of plastic waste

     The policy guideline will also be backed up with appropriate legal framework to be established through an enabling law.

    According to a statement signed by the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Mr. Tunji Bello, the government will also put in place a strategy for identifying and disseminating sustainable plastic waste management knowledge to the public.

    Continuing,  he said the strategy would also disseminate plastic waste Management knowledge to others including stakeholders in user-friendly formats and also incorporate sustainable plastic waste management knowledge into government implemented public awareness initiatives. 

    He stressed that plastic waste materials make up a significant proportion of solid wastes and litter in Lagos State adding that it has become a highly visible part of the waste stream (PET, Styrofoam and nylon commonly being used for Water & beverages, take away plates & cups, Carrier bags and others).

    According to him, this development is posing environmental challenges ranging from Ecosystems degradation, Drainage clogging & flooding, Lagoon & Ocean debris with attendant harm to human resulting in high socio-economic impacts on the State. 

    He said that effective plastic waste management is fundamental to delivery of the State government’s priority transformational agenda as laid down in Lagos State Development Plan (LSDP) because it is a resource that can be managed to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits. 

    He added that sustainable plastic waste management will create value from the waste stream and formalize the waste-pickers’ sector to improve livelihoods and reduce the pressure on landfill saying that it will improve the situation of the State’s drainage channels and reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment. 

    Bello identified the cause of the menace to poor management of plastic waste that enters the environment through open dumping, open burning, and disposal in waterways. 

    The Commissioner said that there would be state guidelines for Plastic utility to ensure a sustainable management of plastic waste with appropriate legal framework established through a law with provisions for the continuous implementation of the policy.

    Bello said government will also put in place a strategy for identifying and disseminating sustainable plastic waste management knowledge to the public and other stakeholders in user-friendly formats 

    The state will  also incorporate sustainable plastic waste management knowledge into government implemented public awareness initiatives, Bello explained. 

    He disclosed that plastic waste materials make up a significant proportion of solid wastes and litter in Lagos State, adding that it has become a highly visible part of the waste stream (PET, Styrofoam and nylon commonly being used for Water & beverages, take away plates & cups, Carrier bags and others).

    According to him, the development is posing environmental challenges ranging from Ecosystems degradation, Drainage clogging & flooding, Lagoon & Ocean debris with attendant harm to human, resulting in high socio-economic impacts on the State. 

    He said that effective plastic waste management is fundamental to delivery of the State government’s priority transformation agenda.

    “As a responsible and responsive Government, we will strictly be observant of the principle of partnership and citizens’ buy-in.

     “Private sector participation in plastic waste management activities to include but not limited to waste collection, transportation, building and operation of treatment plants, waste recovery and recycling” he revealed. 

    The commissioner said that governments all over the world have taken action to control the volume of plastic waste that gets into the environment by either banning the sale, charging customers or generating taxes from the stores that sell plastic products.

    He  stated that the Bangladesh government was the first to do so in 2002, imposing a total ban on lightweight plastic bags. 

    He stressed further that between 2010 and 2019, the number of public policies intended to phase out plastic carrier bags tripled. As of 1st August 2019, such bans have been introduced in 70 countries, with varying degrees of enforcement, whilst 33 countries imposed a charge per bag policy.

    The Commissioner stated that Plastic is found in almost every aspect of life and has become an essential part of the society due to their low cost, versatility, imperviousness to water and ease of manufacturing. 

    He stated further that the Policy, will move the State towards realization of the Zero Waste principle, whereby waste generation is minimized or prevented.


    Kunle Adeshina

    Director (Public Affairs)


    March 15, 2020


    The Lagos State Government on Tuesday alert residents of the state that the state will witness a near  normal rainfall of between 240 to 270 days this year.

    The State Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Tunji Bello who stated this during a press briefing on the Year 2020 Seasonal Rainfall Predictions and  prevention of flooding in the State in his office at Alausa, added the maximum annual rainfall is predicted to be 1,750mm.

    He said the earliest predicted onset of the rainy season is 17th March with other areas following, adding that the rainy season is expected to cease earliest by 22 Nov in Surulere with other areas following after.

    He stated that Ikeja was expected to have about 1526mm, while that of Badagry is 1750mm, Lagos Island with 1714mm, Ikorodu with 1690mm and Epe with 1730mm of rainfall.

    He disclosed that the report which was obtained from the Nigerian Meteorological services (NIMET) indicated further that Lagos Island was expected to have a rainfall onset date of 19th March with an error margin of three days, while its cessation date is expected to be 26th of November.

    He said this year’s prediction by NiMeT is based on the global consensus that El-Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is at the neutral phase which will continue till around August or September.

     It is also expected that Lagos Island will have about 252 days of rainfall with about 1714mm of rainfall through the year.

    Bello disclosed that the predictions of the Agency were valuable as vital weather and early warning tools for planners, decision makers and operators of the various sectors and businesses that might be impacted by the annual rainfall, if not well managed.

    Re-assuring Lagosians on the issue of floods, Bello said in a coastal area like Lagos, it is natural that, “sometimes when it rains, we are likely to have flash-floods on our roads as normal occurrences all over the world. 

    “As long as the drains are clean, we should be assured that, in a matter of time, the flash flood will disappear”.

    According to him, it is only when flood remains on the roads for days that we can report that the place is flooded.

     “It must be noted that, anytime the Lagoon level rises, it may “lock up” the discharge points drainage channels and until it recedes, there will be no discharge. Occurrences like these also cause backflows, resulting to flooding”, he emphasised.

     But as soon as the Lagoon recedes, all the generated storm water will immediately discharge and our roads will be free.  

    He disclosed, “The Lagos State Government has established synergy and partnership with Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority and this has ensured control and monitoring of the steady and systematic release of water from Oyan Dam to prevent flooding of the downstream communities; 

    According to him, since last year the Emergency Flood Abatement Gang under Drainage Maintenance Department of the Ministry have been consistently de-silting and working on secondary collectors and conduits, to enable them discharge efficiently.

    The Commissioner urged Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) and Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA) to ensure advertising and communication agencies comply with regulations on safety and stability of billboards and telecommunication masts in readiness for the strong winds expected during the onset and cessation of every rainfall.

    He remarked that all relevant security and emergency agencies would be adequately informed to be ever ready for any negative effects of flooding.

     ”All emergency agencies, traffic management agencies and other emergency related outfits will be put on the alert to assist in reducing the havoc that may arise from the incidents of flooding in the State.”

    Bello advised Lagosians who reside along flood plains, coastal and low-lying wetland areas near major rivers to always be on the alert and be ready to relocate, when the need arises.  

    He maintained that government shall, as usual, notify such residents at the appropriate time. He also urged motorists to observe prescribed speed limits during the rainy reason, to avoid loss of lives and property.

    The Environment Commissioner appealed to Lagosians to desist from acts that can lead to flooding, indiscriminate dumping of refuse in unauthorised places.

    Bello assured that the contact of Drainage Resident Engineers will be made available in all our 57 Local Governments Areas and Local Council Development Areas to attend to the  needs of residents before, during and after the rainy season.

    Also speaking at the briefing, the Special adviser on Drainage and water Resources, Engr. Joe Igbokwe said the Government is working seriously with the all the Local Governments to sensitize market men and women saying that the government will not hesitate to shut down any erring market.

     Igbokwe also noted that there has been a rise in population and government will not relent in performing its responsibilities of maintaining cleanliness in the environment stressing that work is seriously going on to clear canals and drains in Oshodi, Isolo, Mushin, Ladipo amongst others.

    He enjoined the people of Lagos to support   government efforts by complementing through regular clearing of drains in their frontages to ensure free-flow of storm water as well as to desist from dumping of refuse into drainage channels and roads. 


    The enforcement team of the Ikoyi /Victoria Island Clean up committee  on Tuesday came under physical attack from some military personnel at the roundabout opposite the Bonny Camp in Victoria island.

    The clean up team which had been conducting daily enforcement raids visited the roundabout and under bridge opposite Bonny Camp which served as a depot, store and distribution point for goods sold on the streets.

    Immediately the exercise commenced, the operatives were confronted by some uniformed military personnel who prevented  them from seizing the items and taking them away.

    The military personnel, some of whom were in mufti questioned the audacity of the LASG officials to conduct raids near a military capacity and resorted to beating up all identified officers of the state in sight.

    The action of the military men emboldened some of the street traders who resorted to hurling stones and other dangerous items at the officials who were on official duties.

    Attempts were made to smash the video camera of one of the television stations attached to the enforcement team while a public affairs officer was also assaulted and had his mobile phone damaged.

    Speaking on the incident, the Chairman of the Committee Mr Tunji Bello expressed sadness at the action of the uniformed men.

    He said as part of the proactive measures undertaken by the Committee,  letters of intents were written to the  various military and Police formations to inform them of the operation of the committee in VI and Ikoyi. 

    Meanwhile, a total of 23 people were arrested for street trading, breach of peace and obstructing the highways during the enforcement on Tuesday.

    Those arrested were charged before a Special Offences Mobile Court which sat at Falomo Roundabout in Ikoyi and handed out appropriate punishments.


    The Lagos State Government on Friday commenced the enforcement of the Clean Up of Ikoyi and Victoria Island with the impounding of 36 exotic cars and trucks from an illegal car mart and mechanic workshop located on the pedestrian walkway of Muritala Mohammed Drive formerly Bank Road In Ikoyi .

    The enforcement team which was led by the Chairman of the Task Force on Environmental and Special offenses, CSP Yinka Egbeyemi also arrested four persons who were arraigned  before a mobile court immediately.

    One of those arraigned who converted part of the walkway on Bank Road to a beer parlour was fined  N50.000 while all the cartons of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks on display were confiscated.

    The three other persons who converted the walkway to a car mart were fined on each of the counts after pleading guilty and also had the 36 vehicles which were fairly used Tokunboh of different makes impounded by the court.

    The enforcement team also pulled down a makeshift mosque which was located on the pedestrian walkway also Bank Road, Ikoyi.

    All the remnants of the demolition exercise was carted away by Lagos State Waste Management Authority LAWMA, while towing vehicles were provided by LASTMA to move vehicles causing obstruction.

    The team also touched Adekunle Lawal formerly  Magregor Road and Olawale Daudu Road formerly Lord Rumens where a makeshift car wash opposite Abraham’s Court was dismantled and four vehicles wrongly parked towed away.

    Speaking with newsmen at end of day one of the exercise, CSP Egbeyemi adviced people who have mounted shanties and illegal structures to remove same immediately, adding that today’s exercise is just a tip of the iceberg.

    He added that the committee is committed to actualising its mandate in ridding Ikoyi and Victoria Island of all illegal structures and all environmental nuisances.

    He added that the special committee is planning to carry out the clean up exercise for the next six months and would ensure that it is sustained by KAI and Neighbourhood SAfety Corps operatives.

    The Special Committee had earlier embarked on several awareness campaigns through the electronic, print and social media to sensitise the general public, residents ,the owners of illegal structures on setbacks, walkways, drainage alignments, roadside mechanics and squatters in the affected areas to comply with the law maintaining that anyone caught would be dealt with according to the environmental laws of the state.

    As the exercise continues, commercial motorcycle riders plying restricted routes and commercial vehicles driving against traffic as well as those picking passengers on the main roads would also be prosecuted. 

    Night club owners and karaoke operators with inadequate parking spaces who encouraged their customers to park on main roads thereby making life difficult for residents to gain free access to their homes would also not go unpunished during this Clean-Up exercise.

    The resusitation of the Special Committee became necessary following the various complaints received from members of the public and residents of the area on the unwholesome activities going on in Ikoyi and Victoria Island axis.

    The quest to have a safe, clean and healthy Lagos is not negotiable as the present administration is set to find a permanent solution to all environmental infractions being witnessed in Ikoyi, and Victoria Island as well as other parts of the state.