• ACTIVITIES OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DIVISION:     Environmental Services Consultancy Unit (ESCU)  ESCU is a prototype of the PSP in the Ministry. The unit is responsible for collection of loose and bagged refuse in the main and old secretariat complexes and other MDAs and the activities include:
    • Monthly distribution of waste bags within the main, old secretariat and other agencies;
    • Daily evacuation of waste within the main and old secretariat as well as other agencies;
    • Distribution of waste bins to MDAs and schools based on need and/or requests.

    Highway Monitoring Unit

    • Monitoring the highways to ensure a clean environment;
    • Prevent improper utilization of the roads and road setbacks;
    • Check indiscriminate disposal of waste onto the roads as well as drainages;
    • Monitor all environmental infractions and report to appropriate MDA;
    • Enforce all Environmental/Sanitation Laws following due process.

    Local Government & Community Development Unit

    • Monitoring the inner streets to ensure a clean environment;
    • prevent improper utilization of the roads and road setbacks;
    • check indiscriminate disposal of waste onto the roads as well as drainages;
    • Monitor all environmental infractions and report to appropriate MDA;
    • Enforce all Environmental/Sanitation Laws following due process.

    Environmental Advocacy Unit

    • Co-ordinate monthly environmental sanitation exercise;
    • Compile monthly reports of Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Parastatals visits to LGA/LCDA during monthly environmental sanitation exercises;
    • Organise Advocacy Campaign/Seminars for the formal and informal sectors;
    • Ensure compliance of actions taken on directives given during the monthly environmental sanitation exercise.

    House Aesthetics/Cemetery Unit

    • Monitoring the general aesthetic state of structures and facilities (Houses) especially along highways to be beautifully painted and decorated;
    • Ensuring good sanitary conditions and clean state of all cemeteries within the State.


    • Monitor and Inspect the following across the State:
    1. Public toilets, Water Vendors and Car wash stations;
    2. Eateries, Hotels and Event centres;
    3. Abattoirs and Slaughter Slabs;
    4. Filling Stations
    • Resolve Public Complaints on sanitation;
    • Conduct joint inspection with the Ministry of Physical Planning & Urban Development (MPP&UD) on proposed location for public toilets in the state;
    • Issue approval for the operation and management of existing public toilets within the State.


    Waste Management Facilities Monitoring Unit:

    1. Monitoring of LAWMA Activities regarding waste management;
    2. Overseeing waste management facilities like dumpsites and Transfer Loading Station (TLS);
    3. Monitoring the quality and performance of waste services including contract management of external providers;
    4. Dealing with enquiries and complaints from members of the public;
    5. Investigating and following up claims of illegal dumping of waste and working with other waste regulation enforcement staff.
    6. Monitoring and controlling the activities of scavengers at dumpsites and TLS.
    7. Attending to other issues related to waste management.

    Waste Material Recovery and Utilization Unit:

    1. Resolution of waste to wealth project proposals up to effective take off of project (includes any other waste management and resource conservation initiatives);
    2. Coordination / involvement of relevant Stakeholders in Waste Recovery and Utilization;
    3. To set guidelines that will regulate recycling activities. Prospective recyclers shall be required to obtain clearance from the Ministry;
    4. Regulate the activities of the recyclers by ensuring that they comply with necessary environmental guidelines.


    • Prompt and effective response to public complaints forwarded to the Ministry on Environmental issues;
    • Organise of mediation meetings for feuding parties;
    • Investigate/Inspect any public complaints to ascertain veracity of the complaints and to advise the State Government appropriate.



    • Monitoring of all markets and motor parks in the State;
    • Carry out Advocacy campaign/environmental education in markets and motor parks;
    • Appraise reports/correspondences on markets and motor parks related issues.


    • Monitoring of the state of the environment in these Zones and giving feedbacks on observations made.
    • Ensure abatement of some of the nuisances observed through prosecution of defaulters in courts provided for this purpose by the Ministry of Justice.
    • Carry out minor enforcements to correct some of the infractions observed.
    • Forward Sanitation Alarms to MDAs when the abatement of nuisances observed fall within the purview of that MDA.
    • Investigate public complaints and also carry out advocacy in these Zones


    • Evaluation and Review of Agency Activities;
    • Agencies facilities monitoring.