Hon. Commissioner unveils Lagos Climate Adaptation & Resilience Plan (LCARP) at COP28 in Dubai

I am delighted to have addressed the distinguished guests, and esteemed delegates at the Lagos State Side event on the Lagos Climate Adaptation & Resilience Plan (LCARP) in the Nigeria Pavilion at the ongoing #COP28    in Dubai, UAE.

Lagos, our beloved city, with its vibrant heartbeat and dynamic spirit, faces a significant challenge. Our position as a coastal city, with its low-lying geography, exposes us to the harsh realities of climate change. This isn’t a hypothetical threat; it’s an immediate concern, endangering our livelihoods, our homes, and the infrastructure that is the backbone of our city.

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainability and resilience. I am proud to announce that we have successfully completed Phase 2 of our Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan, or LCARP. This achievement is a testament to our commitment and is the second of four planned phases in our strategic response to climate challenges.

Two of our key initiatives – the advanced garbage collection and Waste-to-Energy project, and the new sewage treatment plant – have attracted significant investor interest. I was happy to discuss our waste-to-energy project in more detail with our guests at the event.

But this journey, my people, is not one for the government alone. It’s a collective endeavour. Your involvement is essential. Therefore, alongside raising awareness, we are implementing stringent environmental regulations to ensure a sustainable and resilient future for Lagos.

Our progress under LCARP has been substantial. We’ve identified over 30 projects, covering critical areas from waste management to transportation. Of these, 14 are ideal for Public-Private Partnerships, reflecting our dedication to transforming Lagos into a model of urban sustainability.

We must now head back home with these burdens and get straight to work. The task of building a greater, climate-adaptive Lagos is now in all of our hands.

I extend an invitation to each one of you – Lagosians, partners, stakeholders, and global citizens – to join us in this noble journey. Together, we can build a Lagos, and indeed a Nigeria, that is resilient, sustainable, and prosperous for all.

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Tokunbo Wahab