November Sanitation Exercise Holds In Lagos On Saturday, 29th November 2014

The statewide Lagos Monthly Environmental Sanitation Exercise for November comes up on Saturday 29th November, 2014 across the State between the hours of 7:00am-10am.

Tunji Bello urged Lagosians to participate actively in the exercise through the cleaning of their homes, drains, and totality of their environment.

He noted that regular cleaning of the environment hold the key to a healthy living and prosperous life.

In view of Global Climatic uncertainties, which is evident in the incessant rainfall which we are still experiencing till date, the state Government had kept faith with its all-rear-round de-flooding
programme as the Drainage Construction/Maintenance Department and Emergency Flood Abatement Department had intensified massive cleaning and maintenance of channels across the state, in order to reduce to the barest minimum, the incidence of flooding.

Tunji Bello emphasized that, the State Government remains unwavering in its commitment to a clean, hygienic and flood free environment and therefore urged Lagosians to desist from indiscriminate dumping of refuse into drains and unapproved sites especially now that global warming has broken nation’s barriers and boundaries, as well as does not respect Nationalities.

The Commissioner for the Environment warned residents who still patronize cart pushers to desist from this illegal act as the scope of the PSP Operators had been increased to further accommodate more residents of the State.

To ensure full participation as well as total compliance to the restriction order, Mr. Tunji Bello warned Private /Commercial vehicle operators, interstate Bus Operators, State Transport Owners and Road Transport Workers Association to comply with the restriction of vehicular movement order between 7.00am-10.00am as any vehicle caught violating this order would be dealt with appropriately, while passengers in such vehicles would also be prosecuted according to the State Sanitation Laws.

He also warned those who are in the habit of playing Football on the State Highways and Roads during Sanitation Exercise to henceforth desist from this unlawful act as law enforcement Agents had been instructed apply the full weight of the laws on offenders.

He further assured that Law Enforcement Agencies including Nigerian Police and officials from KAI, LAWMA, LASTMA had been fully mobilized to enforce the non-restriction of movement order and warned that violators would be prosecuted according to the State Sanitation Laws.

Fola Adeyemi
Ministry of the Environment.
November 25, 2014